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Michigan Football's Injury Report for Game #5: Michigan at Indiana

The injury reports are out, Michigan first.

Michigan Wolverines


Michael Shaw                    Knee (No word on how serious the leg whip he received was)
Jared Van Slyke                Clavicle
Fitzgerald Toussaint        Shoulder (It's official, he's the unluckiest man in the world)

Michael Williams              Head (Multiple concussions, his career may be over)
Troy Woolfolk                    Ankle (Out for the season)
Mike Jones                        Leg (Broken leg, out for season)


John Ferrara                      Hand


Brandon Herron                Ankle
Carvin Johnson                 Knee
Denard Robinson             Knee

Indiana Hoosiers

Their list isn't quite as specific, but here's Indiana's Injury report  as I understand it.


Kicker Nick Freeland        Hip (Missing his third straight game with a hip injury)
Safety Chris Adkins          Ankle (out for the season)


Safety Donnell Jones       Knee 
LB Tyler Replogle             Concussion

What's it Mean?

Nothing that we didn't already know or expect, for the most part. I'm a little surprised that Mike Shaw is out for Saturday and a little bummed. Shaw's been our best back through the season so far. The biggest issue is Shaw has been our best blocker out of the running backs and the most consistent. Shaw's led a number of long runs for Denard Robinson, so I'm a little worried that he won't be in there. Obviously, Vincent Smith will be the lead back on Saturday, and if I had to guess I'd say Mike Cox takes over at #2. You're going to see plenty of Stephen Hopkins too. Losing Shaw for a game shouldn't be too bad, but I'd be concerned going forward if he misses more time.

The other "OUT" that just flat out sucks is poor Fitz Toussaint, who couldn't buy a break if he was the richest man in the world shopping at a Break outlet mall in Breakville. He finally gets in a game, busts a huge run, picks up a touchdown, and somehow does somethign to his shoulder. Man.....

Some good news does hit the pages tho. Getting Brandon Herron back is a HUGE boost to the Michigan defense and will allow Michigan to put Kevin Leach back on the bench. Herron seemed to be having a "Robinsonian" transformation prior to getting hurt. Hopefully, he'll pick up where he left off against Notre Dame and provide a little more stability at Linebacker and allow Roh to move down to the Defensive Line. Carvin Johnson's return also gives Michigan a little more depth at Spur and should allow both he and Thomas Gordon a little rest throughout the game and keep them fresher.

Indiana is healthy going into the game. That's about it.