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Sunday Happy Hour is Still Far From the Edge


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Stuff You Should Read Right Now

Frustratin' - Just in case you weren't screaming at the game enough yesterday, here's a recap of Michigan's miscues.  Sure, it was a blowout, but the "what if" questions remain, which I'm using as a bit of hope.  No picks and less drops = much closer game, perhaps even a W.

Defensive RAGE - Genuinely Sarcastic spells out what we're all thinking, and blames Rich Rodriguez for the majority of the flaws defensively.  Do they not tackle in practice?  Via Genuinely Sarcastic:

"But it really DOESN'T take an act of God to install a sense of toughness and basic fundamentals in a defense. All you need are competent coaches and the proper attention to detail. Michigan has neither. Rodriguez pays no attention to the defense and leaves them to their own devices, running a scheme they (and their coordinator) are new to."

Also, scroll down the site a few stories for some interesting run charts, if you're so inclined.

I'll Start Drinking Coke Zero Now - It seems the Big Chill promotion is getting out of hand for some pissed-off MSU fans.  I'm going to count this as a victory.  I am thus vindicated.  Thank you, MVictors.

Michigan Football

Kinard to Enroll - One of the Lost Ones from the Class of 2010 will enroll at Michigan this winter.  And he plays defense!

They'll Be Back - Michigan's offense will step it up again.  Tough to shake off a bad loss like this, but it's part of the game.

The Barwis Effect: Possibly Negative - Why has M faded so much in the second halves of games? Particularly MSU?  Is it halftime adjustments, or something to do with conditioning?  Via AnnArbor dot com.

Big Ten Football

WIN FIGHT.. wrong? - Wisconsin creams Minnesota, and Tim Brewster takes exception to a Bielma decision to go for 2.

Illini Dump PSU - We sympathize, BSD.  Very difficult performance by Penn State at home.  They're now in free fall.

Bucks Run By Indiana - I don't like this one bit.  Makes Michigan look even more mediocre.  But OSU has a defense.

Northwestern Looks Mortal - Shockingly, Northwestern's chances at an undefeated season come to an end.

College Football

At Least LSU Plays Defense Once in a While - Somehow, Les pulls out another one with a ballsy fake FG call.  LSU downs Florida, 33-29.

Roll Bama Roll is Far More Charitable than I, and South Carolina Upsets 'Bama -

If nothing else, it was a hell of a run... 19 straight wins and a national championship. It had to end sometime and today was the day. Hat tip to South Carolina, they thoroughly outplayed us and deserved the victory.

Keepin' it classy in Tuscaloosa.  Can't wait for the 2012 game.

Michigan Hockey

Hockey Sweeps BGSU - This is a welcome change to the other news of the week.  Louie looked excellent.  Via MGoBlue dot com.

Incredibly Important YouTube Clip of the Moment:

Apologies for the video quality and the fact that it's a tie, but M hockey is heating up and the Big Chill is approaching.  Until next time, Michigan fans.