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New From Maize n Brew Industries: Would You Rather? 2010 College Football Edition!

Tired of the same old game of Charades? Sick of it when your friend/significant other/spouse/indentured servant can't figure out that it's a "&^%ING DUCK!" when you play pictionary? Does it get boring when you're stuck playing the 1987 version of Trivial Pursuit where your sister has memorized the answer to every card so that it feels like you're stuck in Groundhog Day watching Jeopardy? Has Russian Roulette robbed you of too many friends (but not their money)?

Well, Maize n Brew Industries of Pyongyang, North Korea, has the answer to your entertainment needs! Presenting the 2010 version of Would You Rather? College Football Edition!


This year's edition has been updated with all kinds of fun College Football facts and scenarios! Just take a look at some of this year's questions!

Would You Rather:

  • Have your first college coaching job under Lane Kiffin or Mike Sherman?
  • Wear bacon scented collogne in a dark room where Mark Mangino is eating or complain about a concussion on a team coached by Mike Leach?
  • Hire Tim Brewster to lead your team to football Glory or stab yourself in the kidneys with a cocktail fork?
  • Lose to Boise State or James Madison University?
  • Sit through a showing of SAW3D each week or watch Les Miles coach your team?
  • Lose to Navy three out of four years or lose to Syracuse and UConn in back-to-back seasons on senior night at home?
  • Be a running back at Iowa or a cornerback at Michigan?
  • Get locked in a cage with Bevo or Ralphie? I should mention you'd be locked in there during the Rut.
  • Be locked in a car with Lee Corso or Lou Holtz for a six hour drive? Non-stop.

More fun Would You Rather questions!

  • Lose to Texas on a flukey pass attempt in the 2009 Big XII championship game and keep all your money or Lose to Texas in 2010 after going on you tube and announcing to the world that you're not paying your bills for two months so you can travel from the Philippines to Lincoln to watch your team avenge your loss to Texas in the 2009 in the Big XII championship game?
  • Meet Jeremiah Masoli one on one on the football field or meet Jeremiah Masoli one on one on the street at night?
  • Game plan to stop Cameron Newton, Darron Thomas or Denard Robinson?
  • You're at a party. Your Designated Driver is Chris L. Rucker or Damon Evans.
  • Lose to UCLA by twenty points, at home, or lose to Iowa State..... ever.
  • Teach clock management to Kirk Ferentz or Les Miles?
  • While blind folded, be forced to listen to Erin Andrews or Pam Ward talk about college football?
  • Walk through the fumes from a West Virginia Couch Fire or a Buckeye poo-filled styrofoam container fire? (the same thing really....)
  • Have your highest drafted player of all time be Jamarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf?
  • Clean up a program after Barry Switzer or Pete Carroll left town?

And that's only part of the fun! Check it out today and leave your "would you rather's" in the comment section!