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Michigan's Top 5 Wins Over Penn State #1: Judgment Day, #4 Michigan 34 - #3 Penn State 8

You knew what Number 1 would be, didn't you? It had to be the epic #3 Penn State v. #4 Michigan in Happy Valley in 1997. This was supposed to be the match up of match ups. Two undefeated programs of national importance and epic history. It was everything the college football viewing public wanted, and as a result ABC dubbed it "Judgment Day."

It was.

At least for Penn State. Michigan dominated the game from the outset. Starting off with an 8 minute drive culminating in a field goal, the Wolverines quickly ground the Penn State Nittnay Lions underfoot. Forcing the Lions to punt after three sacks, Michigan marched right down field and scored on an Anthony Thomas 12 yard TD run. From that point the rout was on. Michigan was up 31-0 midway through the fourth quarter in one of the most dominating performances I've ever seen.

If you're looking for a better game out of Michigan agaisnt I higher ranked, top five opponent, you'll be looking for a long time before you top this one. That's why it's #1 in our countdown of Michigan's Top 5 wins over Penn State



The Countdown
#5: 2001 Michigan 20 - Penn State 0
#4: 2002 Michigan 27 - Penn State 24 (OT)
#3: 1998 Michigan 27 - Penn State 0
#1: 1997 Michigan 34 - Penn State 8
#2: 2005 Michigan 27 - Penn State 25