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On Tap: YFDI Has Crashed and Burned

Originally, we had a pithy little piece on the MSU/Michigan rivalry all dialed-up for your reading enjoyment.  Somewhere along the way things kind of derailed.  What had begun as routine beer metaphor took a rather dark turn somewhere around a David Carradine reference.  Subsequent attempts to rectify the situation had all the effectiveness of someone putting out a fire with gasoline.   


  Needless to say, it shall remain a MnB buried, er...treasure?    Instead, due to time constraints, we're directing you sans-pomp to an absolutely delicious beer from Kalamazoo, MI: Bell's Kalamazoo Stout.


Even Greg Robinson couldn't screw this up.

 It's inky black, has a bold roasted coffee body and leaves just a hint of black licorice on the finish (cannot stress the 'hint' aspect enough).  For a couple of 5-0 teams, this seems just about right as it is as close to brewing perfection as we have ever encountered.  

So let's just leave it at that, shall we?  Go forth and drink and ignore anything else you might have heard.