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Legend, Jim Delany, Now Following Instead of Leading

After this week's new Big Ten Divisional names were met with Hoover-esque approval ratings, Jim Delany has surprised some observers by admitting the league may have been out of touch with what Big Ten fans had desired from said branding.  The Chicago Tribune's always-reliable Teddy Greenstein (except for on matters involving expansion; "League officials say Bryn Mawr College is being considered for admission") has followed up Delany's Thursday night WGN Radio interview with confirmation that widespread displeasure with the names has forced the powers that be to seriously consider scrapping them altogether.  

If true, this would be a major victory for fans whose voices are clearly being heard by their commissioner (remember when The Game was going to be in early October?) and for sports fans in general who would have otherwise been forced to remember who was a "Legend" and who was a "Leader" in addition to already having to remember who is in the ACC's Atlantic and Coastal divisions or remembering if there are even teams left in the WAC anymore.  


Market researchers said curling my eyebrows upward make me look "authoritative" 

So keep your fingers crossed, folks, and hope that reason wins out on this one.  While you're at it, send them more complaints about that new logo...