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Introducing the First Annual Maize n Brew Bowls You Care About Pick 'Em

(edit: removed Google Doc)

Tired of listening to us bitch about Michigan's coaching situation? Tired of having to pick between Ohio and Florida International when you didn't even know FIU was D-1?  Don't want to hear about Jim Delany ignoring this blog's suggestions?  Only care about the Big Ten and the teams you hate? 

Then the Maize n Brew Bowls You Care About Pick 'Em is for you.  Featuring only the Big Twelveten, Notre Dame, and the New Years' Day/BCS Bowl games.  Oh, and the Cotton Bowl, because this blog misses the days of snowy Texas bowl games and will choose to overlook the fact that it isn't even played at the Cotton Bowl anymore.

Rules and prizes (!!!) after the jump.

The Rules

Users must have a Maize n Brew or SB Nation username to participate.   E-mail your picks to MnBBowlPickEm@gmail dot com.   Your "lock pick" counts double.  The Notre Dame game only counts if you pick Miami and Miami wins.  File is at the end of this post.

The Prizes

Winner will receive their choice of either: a) One (1) Brewski Award named in their honour or of their choosing for one (1) calendar year, beginning January 15, or b) the chance to pick the Brewskis for one Michigan game of their choice.  What are the Brewskis, you ask? Stay tuned to find out!

The Deadline

E-mail your picks to MnBBowlPickEm at gmail dot com by midnight, December 26th.  Late entries will only be counted with proper begging.

The Motivation

Why?  Why another bowl pick-em, you ask?  Because we here at Maize n Brew love you.  The fans.  The faithful.  As much as we love to disagree with you, the user content on this, and any, blog keeps us up and running.  So have at 'em!

The File

Maize n Brew Pick Em 2010 - comment if this excel spreadsheet doesn't work.  Cheers, Michigan Faithful!