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Tattoo Scandal a-Brewin' in Columbus?

How were these tattoos acquired?  Fair question, right?
How were these tattoos acquired? Fair question, right?

More on the story as it develops, but there is now speculation that several players on the Ohio State football team traded autographs for tattoos at a local tattoo parlor. Pryor has denied involvement on his now-legendary Twitter account, but reports are unclear which players have allegedly taken part in the exchange. Again, this is speculation right now, but expect at very least an internal probe and some interesting distractions for Bowl Week.

Earlier this season, Georgia WR A.J. Green was suspended for four games for selling a game-worn bowl jersey for $1000. I know this isn't quite the same thing, but the NCAA has set a precedent in coming down hard on athletes using their local notoriety for personal gain. I know it sounds ludicrous, but given that some tattoos are quite expensive (some run more than several hundred dollars), the NCAA will probably at least take a quick look at the case before the bowl game.

A Freep crusade is in order! I'm lookin' at you, Columbus Dispatch. Go "investigate". It'd sure be a bummer if Ohio State had any players suspended, particularly for their bowl game... Story via NBC News.