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Thursday Happy Hour Knows That Other Than Michigan's First Night Game You're too Busy With NCAA Tournament to Care About Anything Else

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Stuff You Should Read Right Now

U-M to Play Notre Dame in Big House's FIRST EVER Night Game in 2011 - Holy bombshell Batman. University of Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon announced today that when the Michigan Wolverines next meet the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in Michigan Stadium on Sept. 10, 2011, it will be the first-ever NIGHT primetime game played at home in the history of Michigan football. If you're looking for something awesome to talk about other than position switches or NCAA investigations, well, now you've got it.

Now With Luxury Boxes and Lights!

Brandon's decision to allow the night game comes at a great time for the Football Program, and I'm sure part of the timing of the release was intended to take a little heat off the coaching staff. Back in 2006, Bill Martin gave a flat out "no" to the prospect of there ever being night games at Michigan Stadium. At the time, I totally agreed with him. Frankly, I still do. I think this is just as salient a point now as it was back in June of 2006:

Martin also made this very valid point with regard to night games, "It's... an awful lot of tailgating going on for an awful lot of time." I can attest to the proposition that too much tailgating can be a bad thing. Driving out of a stadium parking lot, pro or college, after a night game is a dangerous thing. Most of us who tailgate get there early. You get a good spot. You fire up the grill. You enjoy an adult beverage, or two, or four, or ten. For those fans who go towards the end of that sentence, leaving the game in one piece can be a challenge. I've been forced to wonder too many times whether the camper next to me will a) take off my front fender, b) rear end the guy in front of him, c) run over the parking attendant, or d) run over the cop flaggin him down. While I've had my share of nervous moments after an afternoon game, night games are certainly the worst.

That said, it's impossible to deny the effect this will have on the national TV audience and the positive press that will come out of it. Michigan. Notre Dame. At night. THE ONLY PRIMETIME GAME ON. That's going to be pretty sweet.

It's nice to talk football again, isn't it? Well, maybe we'll talk a little hockey too.

Starting Hunwick an 'easy decision' for Wolverines - "It's a pretty easy decision," Berenson said before practice Tuesday afternoon. "I have to play Hunwick. He got us there. (Bryan) Hogan's skated at practice. He'll take shots today. He'll be our backup if he's ready to go."

Translation: "Hunwick's starting, Dumbass. Why would ask such a stupid question. He's the hot hand." I love Red. He should coach all Michigan sports.

More Michigan Football

Tate Forcier, Denard Robinson will get most QB work in spring - File under "duh."

6 Michigan players out for spring practice - List of the walking wounded.

Michigan simplifying things on defense - Get me the Ball Danny!

Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez: Outside receiver, secondary areas of concerns - Personally, I'm more scared about the defensive backfield and Linebacker. Michigan will pick up yards on offense. The issue will be giving them up. Vlad Emilien was slowed by recovery from knee surgery, so we'll have to see what he can do. Right now, I'm not expecting much improvement from Mike Williams, but I'm hoping to be proven wrong. You have to figure Kovacs gets the starting nod for run support purposes, after that my money's on Demar Dorsey or Marvin Robinson stepping up. At corner look for Troy Woolfolk and J.T. Turner to start. I see J.T. Floyd as our Nickle-back.

More fun after the jump........................... Link Dump on Spring Practice.

Martavious Odoms claims crown as fastest man on Michigan's football team - "Tay Odoms got a great jump and I think beat Shoelace by just about that much," Rodriguez said, holding his hands a few inches a part. "Tay’s not one to brag a whole lot, but he’s got bragging rights until the next time." Blog - Several Wolverines reschedule pro day workouts, including Brandon Minor and Brandon Graham. Stevie Brown had an excellent day, and may have earned himself a draft day phone call. Donova Warren, unfortunately, did not improve from his combine showing.

Michigan Basketball

Ten most important moments from Michigan's basketball season - Relive the pain. One moment at a time.

Five reasons to be optimistic about Michigan basketball next year and five reasons to worry - I've got some different takes on this, but I think Rothstien makes some good points. The critical aspect of next year's season will be a better minute distribution. If Michigan remains a 6-7 player team, they're doomed. There have to be contributions off the bench for the Wolverines to have a chance of even sniffing the post season. ANY postseason. And like Mike points out, it ain't going to be easy once conference play begins.

General College Football

Jim Tressel says he would embrace openly gay player at Ohio State - I think this is a significant step in the right direction for college sports. Further, as much as we in Ann Arbor like to villianize Tressel, I think something like this is an indicator of who Tressel is. A good man who wants the student athletes under his care to be productive members of society and realize their full potential. I think Tressel deserves more recognition for this than he's gotten. This really is a big deal, and a tip of the cap to Mr. Tressel for not just broaching but directly answering question everyone until now has side stepped.