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Monday Happy Hour Recaps the Weekend, Gets Ready For Michigan Football's Spring Game, Says Good-Bye to a Friend

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Maize n Brew gives you your daily (or semi-daily) rundown of all the Michigan Football, Michigan Basketball, College Football, and College Basketball news you need to get through the tedium of your boring desk job. For good measure we'll throw in a little irreverent information, comedy and commentary to help you salt away the time until the clock strikes 5pm.  We're on a Facebook and Twitter drive, so be our friend or follow us! If you don't know what that means, you're old. If you want Maize n Brew in 140 characters or less, follow us on Twitter! Or you can friend us on Facebook for more links.

Programming Note

Due to real life constraints, the NCAA hockey and basketball tournaments, and the weather going from craptastic to absolutely beautiful in the blink of an eye, posting was a little light last week. We'd apologize, but we'd be lying if we did. It was glorious to be outside again. Hopefully you're taking in some sunshine and getting ready for summer's wondrous approach.

Stuff You Should Read Right Now

Boston College Thumps Wisconsin to take 2010 NCAA Hockey Title - As the NCAA tournament played out this season, I made no secret of my disdain for the trapping, clutching and grabbing systems that have found their way back into college hockey. Until this past weekend, I thought that there were one, maybe two, teams that embodied how hockey should be played at any level: Michigan and Bemidji State. Those two teams were free wheeling, high tempo outfits that prized speed and creativity over the slow, plodding pace of the rest of the torunament teams. Well, I was wrong. There weren't two teams, there were at least three, with Boston College reigning supreme as this year's champion, not just for the NCAAs, but for hockey in general.

Boston College simply blew Wisconsin out of the rink on Saturday, outracing the Badgers to every puck and using their speed to make Wisconsin's hulking size advantage a liability. It was a truly beautiful thing to watch. Hockey is not a slow game, yet many D1 programs attempt to make it so by mucking up the neutral zone and grinding the corners of the offensive zone until there is no ice left. BC showed, and to a lesser extent so did Michigan, that you can play a puck possession cycling game while retaining creativity, skill and speed. BC used it's speed to negate Wisconsin's forechecking, seemingly always finding the open forward on the break out half a second before Wisconsin's checker arrived. They charged hard arround Wisconsin's defensemen, turing relatively fleet footed D men into pylons. The scored on set plays, beautiful set ups, and crisp passes; one thing feeding off the next.

They played the game the way it is supposed to be played: With skill, speed and grace. My congratulations to the Boston College Eagles on their National Championship, and my thanks for saving hockey from itself for another year. My only regret is that BC and Michigan weren't able to meet in the Frozen Four. What a game that would've been.

Character Study: How coach Red Berenson has spent 26 years making Michigan Men - The Daily drops a nuclear bomb of awesomeness on Red Berenson. It's long, but goddammit is it awesome. This is a must read.

Scrimmage Observations - Plenty of MGoBlog posters were on sight to watch the 4/10/10 practice/scrimmage and came away impressed by, gasp, the defense. Good stuff in 'mere.

The Blue-Gray Sky: Hanging up our Jerseys - About a month ago our friends at Blue Gray Sky announced that they would be closing their figurative doors and closing down what was arguably the best Notre Dame football website on the internet. How does this affect Michigan fans, you ask? Sadly, it means that one of the grand daddies of sports blogging and one of the best written sites on the web has gone silent. For me, it's saying goodbye to some friends (at least on the web). BGS was one of my first stops every morning when I got started writing. I relished their enthusiasm, humor, blind optimism, and frank honesty when things went in the tank. If you're looking for people that suffered through some truly shitty times, look no further than BGS. If you're looking for people that weathered those times with good humor and honesty, you're at the same place. I met a few of the guys in person and later came to call Jay a personal friend. They were a pioneer among us and I'll miss them.

A BIG DAMN CONFERENCE DEMANDS A BIG DAMN ROBOT - Big Ten Conference Expansion + LSU Freek + Power Rangers = Yeah. It's worth it.

MGoBanner Contest 2010 - Bust out your MS Paint skillz. Brian's looking for a new banner.

Michigan Football

Wolverines know they need results this fall - Wins too. plz.

Michigan QB competition heats up in spring - Our homie Adam Rittenberg was up in Ann Arbor for Spring practice and chimes in on the Michigan quarterback race. Best part? Craig Roh on Denard Robinson.

"I hate Denard on the football field," Roh said. "I love him outside of football, but on the football field, he's just such a nuisance. The quarterbacks here are too fast, and Denard, I just can't catch him. It's ridiculous."

Calvin Magee reports improvement on U-M offensive line - With David Molk out for the spring, Rocko Khoury has gotten most of the reps at center and appears to finally be giving Michigan some depth at Center and on the Line. word around the Campfire is that Taylor Lewan is locking down the Left Tackle position.

(More Michigan News After the Jump.........)

Rich Rodriguez isn't being coy with Michigan's quarterbacks - Even the Detroit News is coming around to the realization that Denard has a legit shot of starting this year. But I'm not buying this stuff about Devin Gardner playing much, if at all. The reason for this is that either Tate Forcier or Robinson will be light years ahead of Gardner in their understanding of the offense. Further, as chronicled by MGoBlog, Gardner's throwing motion deteriorated badly as his last high school season went on. It's Tate or Denard. At this point, I'm betting on Denard.

Michigan football team's offense has room to grow in 2010 - Calvin McGee sounds upbeat about the O's prospects. Spring chatter or not, I'm not expecting a lot out of the defense this year, so I hope to God this offensive juggernaught I keep hearing about comes to fruition.

Michigan Basketball

DeShawn Sims calls the Portsmouth Invitational "a great experience" - Mike Rothstein over at Ann Arbor dot com catches up with DeShawn Sims following the Portsmouth Invitational. Sounds like sims had a good, but not a breakout, session. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Go get 'em DeShawn.

Michigan Basketball Recruiting Roundup - Courtesy of our friend Dylan over at UM The biggest fish remaining in the pond is 6'5" Wing, Trey Zeigler from Michigan. Zeigler's Dad is the head coach at CMU, so there's rampant speculation that Zeigler will go to play for his Dad. But, then again, Zeigler senior just signed a contract extension, so maybe Zeigler junior doesn't need to end up at CMU after all. Either way, Trey announces this week.

Other Michigan Sports

Lax: Streak Over, New One Starts? - The men's club lacrosse team lost for the first time in nearly 3 years over the weekend to a down trodden Colorado club. Stop me if this sounds like a hockey box score: UM 48 shots, CU 33. Oh well. Michigan went out an thumped No. 2 Colorado State the next night, and will retain their No. 1 ranking. Mgoblog has more details.