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Da'Sean Butler is Awesome, Call's John Beilein's System "the best I've ever been a part of"

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If you have any questions about John Beilein's abilities as a coach or about his system or his qualities as a person, Da'Sean Butler, West Virginia's senior point guard and current Final Four player, would like to have a word with you.

"The system works. That's the best system I've ever been part of in my life as far as just running an offense. It suited me so well. I think everybody kind of gets into, you've got to get all these five-star and whatever recruits, and for him, you just need to find the right players who can obviously make shots, but who will work hard. And if you find that right group, and not like prima donnas, it could be a very good system."

Da'Sean is so confident in Beilein's system he thinks Beilein can win next season without Manny Harris or DeShawn Sims.

"You can go and win with eight freshmen recruits," Butler said. "(Michigan has) a great coach, and it's just a matter of everyone buying in."

So what if everyone doesn't buy in?

"Everybody has to buy in, and you have to get the right people," Butler said, referring to Beilein's offense, which requires discipline and precise shooting. "You've got to get the absolute right people for that system, because if you have even one person that doesn't understand or doesn't care to understand, a cancer on the team of some sort, then it can throw everything off, honestly."

Mr. Butler, as you are of legal drinking age and soon to no longer be under the auspices of the NCAA's tyrannical hold, if you are ever in Ann Arbor or in Chicago, the writers of this blog would like to buy you beer. You rule. We at Maize n Brew are now Mountaineer fans. Go get 'em Da'Sean.

(oh, and sorry about misspelling your name in the original title. My bad. -Ed)