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Some time around 10:00pm EST last night a kind, and most likely exceedingly bored, soul found their way to Maize n Brew. In doing so, that intrepid visitor from Adrian, Michigan turned this little spool of interwebz into a seven digit site. So, finally, Maize n Brew has cracked a million visitors.

I know it's a strange thing to celebrate, especially when half of those hits are probably from the same six dudes, but I'm pretty proud of it. When I started this little endeavour back in February of 2006 I had no intention writing this much, let alone sticking around until the counter spit out a one and six zeroes. Looking back on it, it's surprising I reached twelve visitors after my first post.

Well. I guess I'm doing this too. Welcome to the Maize n Brew. A little blog about the random ravings of a Michigan grad living happily in the Second City. As time goes on you'll learn that there are only a few subjects that'll be discussed. First and foremost, Michigan Football and Beer. The two seem to be interlinked and take up way too of my free time. Other subjects will include Michigan Hockey, a little Michigan Basketball (but only around tourney time), and the Chicago Cubs and Blackhawks. The wife's a Notre Dame grad, so occasionally I'll ramble on about going to ND games, drinking heavily and making fun of the people I see there. You'll find I don't post with the regularity of my far more distinguished counterparts and that my insight is far less in depth. But, at a minimum, at least it'll make you laugh.

More soon. Thanks for dropping in...


But for some reason people came back. And for some reason they continue to do so.

Things have changed since I started typing. Lloyd Carr has come and gone, as have Tommy Amaker and Bill Martin. The Big House got bigger, Crisler got a face lift, Softball and Men's Gymnastics captured national titles, Michigan football's streak of bowl games ended while Michigan hockey's endured, and (finally) Michigan made it back into the NCAA basketball tournament. Running and writing this thing has been mostly a joy and sometimes a burden. But I wouldn't trade a moment.

I've met some incredible people just because I decided to string together a couple of sentences on the internet, and I've made some great friends. I've learned a lot about the people not just clad in Maize n' Blue, but in Scarlet and Grey, Burnt Orange, Blue and Gold, Green and White, and every other color in the rainbow. For all the things that make us different, I've learned that our common love of college sports make us all pretty similar. And I'm grateful for that.

I'm also particularly grateful for the guys that help me keep this little insane asylum open for business. If it wasn't for Beauford, SCM and Markus, I would've closed up shop long ago. Not only are they great writers but they're good people and good friends, and if a blog can produce something like that it's worth it, irrespective of content. I'd also like to thank Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation, T. Kyle King (the Mayor) of Dawg Sports, Joel Hollingsworth of Rocky Top Talk, and Tyler Bleszinski of SBN and Althetics Nation for their support and encouragement of myour efforts here at Maize n Brew. Thanks to Brian of MGoBlog for linking me in the first place, when things started out I think I got most of my traffic from his links. Special thanks to Johnny of RBUAS, Yost of MZone, Joey of Straight Bangin, and Jay of Blue Gray Sky, you guys were the standard I still hold myself to when I write. Honestly, there are too many people to thank and acknowledge. If I tried, I'd be here forever and there are too many other cool things to cover. But for those of you who aren't listed here, you're in my thoughts. Thank you for your support and links.

1,000,000 visits later, Maize n Brew'sa little different than it was when it set out. We still talk a lot of football, but we talk a lot more basketball than I ever thought we would. Sadly, we haven't talked about beer much lately. That's not because it's less of a part of my life (cough... hardly... cough...), it's just that we haven't been writing about it enough. But we'll get back to it as tailgating season approaches.

While things have changed a bit, I'd like to think we still provide you with a laugh or two and an entertaining perspective on Michigan athletics. It's been our privilege to bring it to you. It's been a hell of a ride so far.

Can't wait to see where it takes us next.