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Maize n Draft Day Wrap-up: Happiness, Snubs and Surprises for Michigan Football

Now that the dust has settled on the NFL Draft, today seems like a good time to give you a short wrap up of what went down and who went where. At some point we'll sit down and totally steal Black Heart Gold Pants Owners Manual series, claim it as our own and sue their ass for enfringement. If it all works out we'll finally be able to buy that solid gold salad spinner we've been eyeing. But until then, we'll have to keep cleaning letuce and vetegables the way most people do. In the shower. But we digress, here's what went down and who's saying what about whom. We've broken it down into three categories; Happiness, Surprise and Snubs.

Happiness: Brandon Graham goes 13th Overall to the Philladelphia Eagles

After being drafted 13th overall by Eagles, Brandon Graham looks to continue solid career at the next level - As usual, the Michigan Daily's sports coverage is second to none, and they've got a great look at Graham's draft choice with the Eagles. Of note from the articel: The Philadelphia Eagles traded up 11 spots to the No. 13 overall pick, giving up two third-round picks in the process, to draft the former Michigan defensive end in the first round on Thursday night. "It starts with the effort," McShay said. "From the first play to the last play, he’s just nonstop. He really is. And I think he’s technically sound. And he’s the one guy who’s in the position he should be, doing the right things and all that. I just think really the effort and the toughness are what will impress scouts the most."

Philadephia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham thrilled he's not converting to outside linebacker - HT: to the Diag for picking this up. Brandon Graham was on ESPN 96.1 talking about his draft day, the Eagles, and more importantly that the Eagles want him at DE. Audio follows after the link.

Eagles weren't about to get cornered in NFL draft - Philadelphia Daily News - "We felt all along that Brandon Graham was going to be drafted high. He was one of these guys that, the more you watch guys in the draft, he just jumped out," Roseman said. "Heckuva pass rusher, good run player. Highly productive high school, college, everywhere he's been, team captain. Once the defensive linemen were going to start going, we knew he'd be at the top of that list, and we just went and got him."

In draft, Eagles get defensive - Philadelphia Inquirer - Stephen A. Smith pees all over the Eagles draft, with one notable exception:

Except, following the Eagles' latest first-round draft pick - a stud outside linebacker/defensive end named Brandon Graham from Michigan - the present is speaking louder than ever before, and so are the Eagles' actions. Or lack thereof. Eagles 'relentless' in drafting Graham - More fun stuff on how much the Eagles wanted Graham.

KYW Newsradio 1060 Philadelphia - Sports: Eagles Trade Up To Select DE Brandon Graham - Reid on Graham:

"He kind of plays like Hugh Douglas. He is a relentless, relentless player. He's done it at the high school level, the college level, he did it in the All-Star Game and he did it against great competition."

Philadelphia Eagles trade up for Michigan DE Brandon Graham - SBN's awesome Eagles Blog Bleeding Green Nation breaks down Graham's game and the pick.

(more after the jump on where everyone ended up....)



Happiness: Zoltan Mesko Drafted in 5th Round by the Patriots

Not your average punter - - Patriot fans come to grips with having the Space Emperor on their roster.

Get to Know New England Patriots P Zoltan Mesko - SBN's Patriots Blog Pats Pulpit takes a look a Mesko, albeit through CBSSportsline tinted glasses. There's strange concern that Mesko was drafted too high for a punter. Look, if this is the first time Belichick has ever drafted a puner I think that speaks pretty highly of the guy. Zoltan is a badass.

2010 New England Patriots Draft Review: Part I - When asking a difficult question "Who was the biggest reach for the Patriots?" Pats Pulpit give a diplomatic answer.

The Patriots really didn't reach on any players, but if I had to go with one, the pick would probably be Zoltan Mesko, punter out of Michigan. 5th round is probably a little too high for Mesko, considering some of the talents that were still on the board. However, if Mesko comes in and wins the punter job, this will be a fine pick for the club.

Mesko known to many - The Boston Globe - Little known fact that we will discuss every time we speak of Zoltan: He was the firt punter drafted in 2010.

Happy Surprise: Stevie Brown Drafed in Last Roung by the Oakland Raiders

Raiders Draft LB/S Brown late in 7th round - The Dark Side, a local Raiders Blog, has an excellent (and I truly mean that) look at Stevie Brown's 7th round selection by the Raiders. I highly recomend the read. "Look, the guy is a project, but you wouldn’t expect anything less from the final pick of the draft. Now that Oakland is close to where they want to be as a team, it will be nearly impossible for him to make a run at one of the 53 spots on the final roster this year. Nevertheless, they got what they intended to get, a guy who could end up a special teamer and can provide a good body for the practice squad."

Snubs: Donovan Warren - New York Jets

We've covered this at length. Warren was a first round talent who came out too soon, had horrible combine appearances, and managed to slip out of the draft. The kid didn't drop from a projected 2-3rd round pick to out of the draft on combine appearances alone, so we've got a suspect there's a naggin injury or something else that occurred out of public view. We obviously wish he'd stayed in school one more year, but we're rooting for him to prove everyone wrong in the NFL and be the outstanding player for the Jets that he was at Michigan. Go get 'em Donovan.

Happiness: The following players ended up with free agent contracts after the draft.

Carlos Brown - New Orleans Saints
Greg Mathews - Chicago Bears
Brandon Minor - Chicago Bears
David Moosman - Arizona Cardinals
Mark Ortmann - Carolina Panthers

I'm glad they're all getting a shot to live their dream. For guys like Minor and Brown, life just wasn't fair to them in college. They were always banged up or hurting. Now, hopefully, their fortunes will change and we'll see them proudly performing on Sunday. As for Mathews, Ortmann and Moosman, good luck guys. God knows you've got the talent and desire to play, and play well at the next level. All of these players hold a special place in my heart and Michigan history, because they stayed true to Michigan at a time whent they could have just as easily said "to hell with it." All of these kids deserve a pat on the back, our respect and our best wishes for their future success. (HT: Dave Birkett,