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Thursday Happy Hour Congratulates DeShawn Sims on His Graduation, Respects Stephen Hopkins Love of Cupcakes

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Stuff You Should Read Right Now

Meet and Greet with Adam Jacobs, Photographer - Our buddy Adam Jacobs, a sports photographer who happens to take some amazing Michigan Football shots, will be the featured artist at the Borders of Waters Place (3140 Lohr Rd. Ann Arbor, Mi 48108, 734-997-8884) tonight from 6 to 8pm. Adam will be there displaying, talking about and (if you're interested) selling his incredible photos. When he's offering shots like this for sale, go early.


 Fact-checking: Does that new QB kill your team's BCS chances? - Yes. But Dr. Saturady breaks down how a first year starter will impact this year's BCS.

Brandon says U-M has corrected mistakes - Doug Karsch hosted UM Athletic Director Dave Brandon. Brandon talked about learning the "processes" of the Department, improvement of the Football Team, the Big Chill, and Conference expansion. Good stuff.

Jamie Morris no longer working for Michigan athletic department - Bye bye Jamie. There are a lot of rumors floating around on his departure, so I'm not going to air any. However, I have heard that he was not the "OMG MOLE" behind the CARA issue. The issues that led to his release have nothing to do with that, I'm told.

'A good man:' Michigan's Sims battles adversity to graduation - The USA Today on DeShawn Sims.

"He is the first one in our family to graduate college," says his mother, Lolita Pruitt, a day-care worker. "I am more proud of him on that than anything."

Congrats DeShawn. We wish you every success. You've earned it.

Michigan Football

Dramatic Cupcake Hopkins - I make this face when I see bacon.


Spring revelations: Banks is ready to break out - The Wolverine looks at Michigan's likely standouts, freshmen contributors, and most improved players.

Friday Night Lights: Ohio North-South Game - Mgoblog takes in the Ohio North South game which featured a number of Michigan recruits, most prominently Jibreel Black who was his squad's defensive MVP.

Wolverines feel comfortable with simpler approach on defense - Simple. As in tackle the guy with the ball.

Michigan linebacker Obi Ezeh determined to improve on 'mediocre' year

"It wasn’t my best year, obviously," Ezeh said after the Wolverines’ April 17 spring game. "That’s in the past and try to move on and build a better future. I got to prove to people that last year was kind of a fluke and this is the (real) Obi."

I certainly hope Ezeh will show some improvement this season. If not I think it's a forgone conclusion that redshirt sophomore Kenny Demens will take over at MIKE.

(More Michigan Updates after the Jump................)

Michigan Basketball

Michigan men's basketball coach John Beilein was 'surprised' by NCAA tournament expansion to 68 teams - Beilein talks tournament expansion.

Former Michigan basketball player Jalen Rose interested in coaching someday - I understand there's a position open on the Michigan coaching staff. I'm just saying.

New Michigan basketball assistant Bacari Alexander plugged in across the country - The former Globetrotter has recruiting contacts across the country, as well as the ability to actually coach Michigan's big men on things like rebounding.

Marcus Thornton Sets Official Visits - Michigan one of them. The 6'7" 4 star forward would be a welcome addition to Michigan's 2010 Basketball recruiting class.

Scouting: King James Classic (2012 Prospects) - UM Hoops takes a look at then 2012 prospects at the Classic.

College Football

TOC Talk: The 2010 Michigan State Football Outlook - The Only Colors takes a look at expectations for the 2010 Michigan State football season. Like everyone, they're unduly optimistic abotu their chances, but they also acknowledge some issues. Well worth a read for some background on our rival.

Lake The Posts - Northwestern Football Blog: Big Ten Expansion with Teddy Greenstein -LTP talks a little Big Ten Expansion with the Trib's Teddy Greenstein, you know, the guy that said XPANSUN N 6 MUNTS!!!1!!!. Interesting read.

Wrigley Ticket Update & Other Ticket Info - Lake The Posts has all the details on the Northwestern v. Illinois game at Wrigley for anyone interested.

Persistent ACC Championship is going primetime again - Dr. Saturday notes that the ACC Championship is moving from Jacksonville (aka: the place life abandoned) to Charlotte, NC. This makes a lot of sense for the conference, just based on the fact its a more centrally located place for the game. The problem, as the Doc points out, will be getting people to watch. The ACC Championship game's highes rating was a 4.1 share. For reference, a nationally televised regular season Nebraska game drew a 3.4 share. Last year's 1.9, well, that's just not going to cut it.