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South Bend TV Station Relying on Unnamed Sources is Reporting Missouri Will Join Big Ten Along With Four Other Schools

New, comments Channel 16 in South Bend is reporting that:

A source in St. Louis familiar with the situation told NewsCenter 16 Thursday afternoon that Missouri will leave the Big XII and soon join the Big 10. Other schools expected to follow the Tigers are Syracuse, Pitt, Rutgers and Nebraska.

It's plausible enough, and Nebraska joining lends some credibility. But the Big Ten is located in Park Ridge, Illinois, so someone in St. Louis telling a South Bend TV station about the goings on of a Chicago area conference is suspect. Another screwy aspect is that the report indicates that three Big East teams will join the Big Ten, thus destroying the Big East. How destroying the Big East doesn't result in Notre Dame joining the Big Ten is a total mystery to me. With all the bluffing coming out of Notre Dame AD Jack Sawbrick this sounds planted, so I'm not buying it.

Unfortunately, it's worth noting simply because it's MSM sticking its neck out on the line.