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Monday Happy Hour Will Happily take Mark Richt off Your Hands, Georgia

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Stuff You Should Read Right Now

'Hot seat' buzz following Mark Richt everywhere these days - How Mark Richt is on the hot seat at the University of Georgia is absolutely beyond me. This guy has led Georgia to BCS wins, a conference championship and will leave Georgia as their all time winningest coach. Frankly, he's young enough and a good enough coach that he could conceivably threaten Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden's numbers. So, as Dr. Saturday points out, there is no way in hell Mark Richt is on the Hot seat. However, if he really is, and we have another crappy season, he immediately becomes the only coach we should talk to. He's the entire list for a coaching search. There will be no other candidates.

However, since I'm bringing up the list, let me say this: I fully and totally support Coach Rodriguez. I think he's a good man. I think he's the right man for this job. I think he will be successful this year. That said, when there's the potential for a coach of Richt's calibre to available, you can't help take a passing glance as a fan, can you?

A&M's Mike Sherman does Baghdad on his own dime - This is just too cool for words. Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman is awesome.

UNSOLICITED ADVICE FOR ALABAMA FANS 2010: IT WILL NOT BE FUN - EDSBS has some advice for Alabama fans: it ain't going to be rosey this year. That thing that's weighing you down, it's called a target. And you'll be wearing it all season.  

It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It Operates On A 2.7 Percent Margin

[W]hat do you suppose Iowa actually cleared from the [Orange Bowl] itself, which sent just under $2 million to the school? $1 million in profit or so? Maybe "only" a few hundred thousand dollars, since Iowa didn't sell all the tickets* or anything? Errr, no. Try a hair over $50,000.

Iowa's endowment is controlled by Bernie Madoff as well.

Breaking News: Big Ten Rosters to Be Very Well Stocked in 2011 - Every junior in the league but Manny Harris and Evan Turner returns. Let me sum up our season next year as succintly as possible: We're fucked.

MCLA Tournament Preview - Laxers go for their 3rd straight title. Go Blue.

Holiday Bowl blues: Reassessing the December bowl pecking order - The Doc ranks the non BCS December time Bowl games.

Big Ten Expansion

Big Ten expansion talk makes sense - it'll eventually make plenty of dollars, too - For some reason people are in love with Missouri, Nebraska, Pitt, Rutgers and Syracuse as the expanded Big Ten. I don't get it. I really, really don't. Rutgers is the absolute last candiate that should be added. If 'Cuse joins ther is NO REASON to add New Jersey. Pitt has the unfortunate problem of not being relevant because PSU is already on board. I wish the damn conference would hurry up and expand so we don't have to suffer through this crap any longer.

Today's hypothetical Big 12 expansion scenario: Welcome home, Hogs - Expansion could finally bring Arkansas back into the Big XII if Texas leaves.

"Big Ten Buzz: The Week that Was" - Nice Big Ten Expansion wrap up from Dave Matter at the Columbia Daily Tribune. Point I did not acknowledge before which makes Missouri's candidacy a bit more legitimate:

The Big Ten gets 70 cents a month per subscriber within the conference’s footprint. So, 70 cents x 12 months x 2.2 million homes = $18,480,000. That’s how much the conference would make per year from the Big Ten Network alone if Missouri were to join the league.

Whether that, along with the school’s academic credentials, is enough to merit an invite is the question that will linger until the holidays, but I believe Missouri would be more than happy to join the club if asked. It would be foolish to refuse the offer.

The SEC Empire: Why the SEC should take the lead, not the backseat on Expansion - Another bored lawyer to be spends too much time thinking about football, and tries to convince us that the SEC should start gobbling up schools while everyone is focused onthe Big Ten.

Michigan Football

Profiles of the Big Ten: Michigan Wolverines - Corn Nation takes a look at joining the Big Ten by profiling all the members of the conference. We're the first up. Um... let's just say they don't like our hockey team. Don't worry boys, if you ever become relevant in hockey we might learn to dislike you a little. But for now your just so damn cute we can't.

Big Ten football power rankings - Spring edition - The Daily Gopher offered up it's Big Ten football power rankings following spring practice. They some how have Michigan at 9, behind Purdue and Minnesota. I'm not buying that. I saw parts of all three of those spring games and there is no way that Minnesota or Purdue looked better than Michigan. Granted I'm talking abotu three teams that will be lucky to crack a Bowl game, but still. 9th?

Michigan Basketball

Michigan's Manny Harris had no doubts about NBA draft decision - How? 

Manny Harris makes it official: He's not returning to U-M - Penn State's Talor Battle, Illinois' Mike Davis and Demetri McCamey, and Purdue's E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson all announced Saturday they had withdrawn their names from the draft pool.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Scheduled for May 10th - May 10, 2010 will mark the start of something that's been in the works for decades, the ground breaking of Michigan's new basketball practice facility. Congrats to the AD's office and Coach Beilein for making this happen.

College Football

If you're interested in scouting the competition, Lake The Posts has Northwestern's 2010 Defense 2-Deep and the NU Offense 2-Deep

Insight Bowl boosts profile with ESPN deal - If the chance to spend late December in Tempe, Ariz., wasn't appealing enough, the Insight Bowl just got a lot more attractive for Big Ten teams.

A short recipe for breaking up the SEC's Tide/Gator monopoly - The Gators and Tide are 31-1 against the rest of the conference over the last two years, with no end to their dominance in sight. Doesn't exactly sound like the toughest conference in the land, now does it? Doc Saturday offers some suggestions on who might shake up the Florida/Alabama stranglehold on the SEC.


Big Ten continues to make life interesting for WVU - Penn State is the latest Big Ten team to start pilfering WVU coaches. Penn State now third to Satan, Michigan in least liked things in West Virginia.