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Tuesday Happy Hour Wants a UCLA Game, Welcomes Colton Christian, Praises the Detroit News

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Stuff You Should Read Right Now

ESPN's NFL Pipeline Series matches Michigan up against the UCLA Bruins - In an "effort" to determine which college team has provided the NFL the best pipeline of talent between 1979 and 2009, the WWL has done their usual bracket style 16 team matchup in order to declare a winner. Michigan, seeded 11th, falls short against 4th ranked UCLA. Logic and research need not apply. Apparently this matchup was played in California.

UCLA-Michigan Matchup Gains More Steam & Other Football Notes - Our buddies over at Bruins Nation picked up on the ESPN piece. I'm with Nestor on this, Football did exist before 1979, jackasses. To put it mildly, the ESPN piece is shockingly ill researched and obviously done off the cuff. None of Michigan's NFL receivers are on the list despite, you know, kicking ass. Nor do we get any credit for the DBs, TEs (Tuman anyone?), and LB's out of Michigan (Jones, Harris, Woodley) that currently rock your world, World. Again, like Nestor, I say we settle this on the field and not at the discretion of the WWL.

Rich Rodriguez, Lloyd Carr, Morgan Trent spar on book passage - As usual, the Detroit News remains the standard in Michigan for researched, well reasoned sports writing in Newspaper format. Instead of just reprinting the AP story and denials, Angelique Chengelis actually talked with the people involved in the story and obtained information from the people directly involved. I'm sure you remember the allegations that Carr told Trent that Rodriguez had badmouthed him and cost him a higher draft pick? Here's Carr's response:

"That paragraph is completely a distortion of my conversation with Morgan," Carr said. "That is a complete distortion, and it is not accurate. I have never spoken with the author. I have never met him. I have never had a conversation with him to the best of my knowledge."

Trent continues to stand by the the statements attributed to him, but he and former Michigan coach Lloyd Carr said the characterization of a meeting between the two was not properly represented. Rodriguez continues to deny that he ever bad mouthed Trent to NFL talent evaluators. Trent maintains:
Except it isn't. Whether it happened ten years ago or ten minutes, Morgan, you threw your program under a bus on the basis of "things you heard". Why didn't you just ask Rodriguez yourself, or press someone to tell you where and from whom they heard those "things" from? If you'd spent as much effort covering your man as you have covering your own ass maybe you would've gone higer than the 6th round. Just a thought.
Hello: Enormous Retraction - One of the other things to come out of Chengelis' article, was the recent "Enormous Retraction" posted over at MGoBlog for some of the statements regarding Lloyd Carr. Give Brian credit, he said his piece, and when he found out the statements attributed to Carr were in fact untrue, immediately issued a retraction. It takes stones to take an unpopular stance. It takes bigger ones to admit when you're mistaken.
BTN News - One of the better articles I've seen on the Big Ten Network was recently penned by the Columbia Daily Tribune. Definitely worth a read.  

Small Schill - I've never hidden how much I enjoy the Big Ten Network, so when they approached me about helping to spread the word about some upcomin programming that really sounds interesting, I jumped at it. Besides, the stronger the BTN, the stronger our expansion hand (cough... Texas... cough). Starting this September the BTN will begin counting down the conference's top 50 athletes, ever. And there will be bobbleheads. Lots of them. They're calling it Big Ten Icons and you can help select who gets chosen on the BTN's facebook page A couple are set in stone like Woodson, Brees, and Pat Fitzgerald. Also, I'll be honest, I love that Dave Winfield is one of Minnesota's "Icons". But there's plenty of space for more Michigan athletes like Jim Abbott, Desmond, Cassie, Jalen, and Turco. The more Michigan men and women on the list the less we have to suffer through seeing Eddie George or Magic Johnson highlights in the fall.

(more on Michigan Football, Big 10 Expansion, and Michigan Basketball after the Jump......)


Big 10 Expansion

You, too, can spark a bogus Big Ten expansion rumor - The Doc slays the most recent BT expansion rumor, that your's truly still believes has a hint of veracity to it. MGoBlog also has a take on it:

People of Earth: I know I give a lot of stick to newspapers, but in this matter you should not believe a "report" until an actual newspaper—and not some intern piloting their pale imitation of a blog—from a place other than Chicago writes an article about with quotes in it.

Fair enough. And, as the Doc points out, immediate denials were posted by Missouri and Nebraska following the story's posting. HOWEVA, this story was picked up throughout the interwebz and papers all day yesterday and today. There was something in there that made a lot of us jump on it, (that something being it made sense) and we did. Looking back, I'd still post what I did.

Why Tom Osborne Hates the Big 12 - Looking for reasons Nebraska WILL eventually join the Big Ten? Our friends at the Big Red Network have plenty.

Big Ten Expansion - the case for Rutgers - No. You cannot make a case for Rutgers. I've tried. We're better off with Missouri in terms of bringing someone in for the money at that level of athletic and academic compentency.

Michigan Football

Best of the Big Ten: Quarterbacks - Our two headed monster ranks 7th on Eleven Warrior's list of conference QBs.

Michigan Basketball

Hoops: '10 Colton Christian commits to Michigan - Beilein inks a 6' 7" forward to the 2010 class. Christian will add some immediate size to the front court and a good motor (according to his scouting reviews). He'd decommitted from Tulane, considered Penn State, visited Cal, and chose Michigan. So Yay! Colton Christian Profile

Hello: Colton Christian - Mgoblog's googlestalking of Colton Christian.

Colton Christian to Michigan - UM's googlestalking of Michigan's latest Basketball Commit.

College Football

ESPN is loving it some Oregon and USC – This is going to get really, really annoying. The ESPN family of networks will air Eight games featuring USC, including one against Notre Dame on Nov. 27,  and five games featuring defending Pac-10 champion Oregon, including one against Stanford on Oct. 2 at 11:15 p.m.