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Monday Happy Hour Still Can't Believe Lane Kiffin, Rutgers, etc...

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Stuff You Should Read right Now

Big Ten Expansion: Does Rutgers (Or, For That Matter, Anybody) Actually Deliver New York? - BHGP gives perhaps the best take on the Big Ten's rumored consideration of Rutgers. The most important thing to consider is whether Rutgers actually has the ability to bring in the New York cable market. Going into that discussion is how the BTN actually negotiated its current deal and what kind of leverage they have going forward.

Lane Kiffin on leaving the Vols: "I never once told any of those players I would be there forever" - I also never told them that there would be three hookers waiting for them in their dorms, or that Chamillionaire would be their dance instructor. I never said those things to anyone in particular. I might have said it out loud. Just never directly to anyone.

Michigan softball team to host NCAA tournament regional - Woo. The Wolverines (46-6, 18-1), ranked No. 2, celebrated the Big Ten championship after finishing a sweep at Iowa on Saturday. They will enter the regional at Alumni Field this weekend with a nine-game winning streak. They have won 25 of their last 26 games.

Griese/Hutchinson/Woodson golf outing raises more than $1 million and looks to the future - Holy crap. That's awesome. they raised $1.2 million the first three years COMBINED.

Former ACC Commish Corrigan: Expansion 'Has Everybody Scared' - Hi. I'm from the Big Ten. I'm here to eat help you.

The Big Ten (at left) in negotiations with the Big East.

Former Wolverines anticipate return to winning tradition in football - Jake Long is awesome:

"As you grow older, you learn more and more about the game and now coach (Rich) Rodriguez's system is getting more in tune and I think he's going to do a good job. I expect a lot out of them. I think they're going to do good this year."

Drew Henson is awesome too:

"Our program is based on tradition and the success we've had for 100 years is what made Michigan what it is today," Henson said. "Just because we've had two down years, or non-bowl years, the fan base has been spoiled, but the big picture, we're still ahead of the curve as far as all these programs go. You just want the players to represent the same things instilled in me going all the way back to Bo (Schembechler). That's the most important thing."

Big Ten Expansion

U-M's Lloyd Carr thinks Big Ten expansion is 'inevitable' - Carr is a little worried about maintaining the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry. 'For Michigan and Ohio State, that's not one of the positive things about (expansion),' the former Wolverines coach said. He's right. Expansion may eff up the Game.

Big Ten spring meetings: An expansion primer – The Big Ten spring meetings begin today and conference expansion is on the agenda, at least that's what the Florida papers are saying.


Headlinin': Big 12's fate may hinge on shaky 'sense of trust' - Don't worry about that knife in my hand. Trust me. Why don't you just go take a nap.

Big Ten expansion talk ‘hot buttons’ around Iowa State AD - Hot button in the sense of "why aren't we being considered!??? Waaaaaaaaah...."

Maryland's Name Resurfaces as a Potential Big Ten Expansion Candidate - Andy Katz floats Maryland as a potential candidate for Big Ten expansion. Frankly, it makes a lot of sense both athletically and academically. Also, Maryland has a hell of a better chance delivering the DC market than rutgers does NYC.

Pac-10 Commissioner: League Will Decide on Expansion by End of 2010 -- More fro the Big XII to sweat.

Big Ten Network provides big revenue stream - Big Ten's television outlet now produces big money for the conference's schools after a slow, rocky start. Nice article.

Would Missouri be a fit in Big Ten? - This isn't the first time Missouri has flirted with its neighboring conference. Excellent break down of Rutgers v. Missouri as a Big Ten expansion candidate.

As usual, you can follow our snarky coverage of Big Ten Expansion here.

Michigan Football

Michigan football players unite to support 2 worthwhile golf outings - Go Blue. It's amazing that Michigan's former players spend so much time and effort organizing events to benefit those in need. It's a testament to their character, really.

Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez talks expansion, injuries - Rodriguez talks expansion. Which is to say that he says nothing while being asked about expansion.

Former Michigan players unhappy with losing, hoping for a turnaround in 2010 - Brian Griese on Denard Robinson:

"I think he’s a great kid," Griese said. "I think he has all the talent in the world. I think he throws the ball better than people give him credit for. I expect a lot of growth. There’s a lot of youth on the team and it can only go up."

Charles Woodson's goals for U-M: beat OSU, make bowl game - Lloyd Carr on Coaching at Michigan:

"The expectations here are never going to change," Carr said. "As a former (U-M) coach, there's only four of us living -- Bump Elliott, Gary Moeller, myself and coach Rodriguez -- who really know what that job is like and so that's why I've tried not to comment. - Rich Rodriguez talks Big Ten expansion, more - Good interview with Rodriguez: Molk and Heininger seem to be recovering nicely.

'Nasty' Taylor Lewan is ready to contribute at left tackle for Michigan - He's mean in pads.