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A Study in How Not to Run a Business or Athletic Department

What's actually scarier than any sanction that can be levied against the University is how the Athletic Department's compliance office managed to turn small mistakes into a festering mountain of FAIL. Brian goes through the emails and the documents in a manner that would make the US Attorney's office proud, and digs out a story of incompetence and sloth that makes the Greek government look like it handled its monetary crisis with grace. I have not read these emails and documents yet, and can only say that if what Brian has pieced together is true something is truly wrong with our Athletic Department.

And that saddens me more than I can express in words or sarcasm. I truly liked Bill Martin. I also greatly respect and admire David Brandon. But it seems the Department that Martin presided over towards the end of his tenure and the Department that Brandon inheritted was a deeply flawed and ineffectual one. Brian tracks the emails and requests for missing CARA forms from January of 2008 (that's right, before Rodriguez was hired) all the way to August of 2009. This is a sad and depressing tale and one that will likely make you look differently at the administration than you have at any point in this process.

I can't stress three things enough:

1) Read the documents that the University has provided;

2) Read Brian's piece; and

3) Draw your own conclusions.

This is bad folks. While it isn't a ticket scandal, it's something that should never, ever happen at Michigan.