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Friday Happy Hour Will Happily Buy Michael Bradley a Beer When He Returns Stateside

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Maize n Brew gives you your daily (or semi-daily) rundown of all the Michigan Football, Michigan Basketball, College Football, and College Basketball news you need to get through the tedium of your boring desk job. For good measure we'll throw in a little irreverent information, comedy and commentary to help you salt away the time until the clock strikes 5pm. 

Things have been a little busy with all the conference expansion shenanigans and that other thing I like to call "real life," so this is the first Happy Hour we've had in a few weeks. Even so, we're still on a Facebook and Twitter drive, so be our friend or follow us! If you don't know what that means, you're old. If you want Maize n Brew in 140 characters or less, follow us on Twitter! Or you can friend us on Facebook and become a fan of Maize n Brew on Facebook for more links. Here's What's ON TAP:

Stuff You Need to Read Right Now:

U.S. Men's National Soccer Team Comes Back from 0-2 Deficit to Keep Hopes of Advancing in World Cup Alive - I'll say it, this team is awful in the early stages of matches. I have no idea why but a Model T Ford starts better, and it used a hand crank. But man do they finish a match. Despite being completely outclassed in the first half the USMNT dominated the second half of its opening round match against Slovenia scoring two unanswered goals to tie the game. It looked as though the U.S. would actually escape with three points when Maurice Edu poked a goal through with less than four minutes remaining, but the strike was waved off for a reason no one seems to know. Including the referee who called it.

Disappointment aside, this looked for half of the match as though the U.S. Would be heading home early. But the Americans took charge and knotted the match, meaning that if they beat Algeria by more than a goal and England takes out the Slovenians as they are expect to, the U.S. goes through to the next round. But a tie or worse means the U.S. is going home. After watching the U.S. play like they had something to lose in the first, and then watching them play like they had everything to lose in the second, I'll take any scenario where the USMNT has its back up against a wall. The U.S.'s next game is Wednesday, June 23 at 10am.

Headlinin': Kansas accidentally killed the Pac-16? - I don't know why this bothers me so much, but Texas' constant stream of "it wasn't our fault" crap through Chip Brown is really getting to me. What's worse is it's totally untrue. As the good Doctor points out, the latest line up crap is that Pac 10 commissioner Larry Scott tried to push a last second switch between Oklahoma State and Kansas. I'm not buying that. Not even in the slightest. Texas was the oen who pulled the plug according to the New York Times' Pete Thamel:

Although it appeared that Texas was leading a charge of four teams from the Big 12 South to the Pac-10, an official with direct knowledge of the talks said late Monday night that Texas’s 11th-hour demands to the Pac-10 broke down the talks. Texas wanted to keep its lucrative local television rights and also asked for "extra sweetener" in revenue sharing, according to the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the talks.

"It was unacceptable," the official said. "The talks broke down." - (emphasis mine)

The people person reporting Texas' martydom is also the same perosn who broke many of the original stories around the interwebz. But he also said a lot of things that were flat our wrong. Team Speed Kills runs down some (but not all) of the Chip Brown BS that's filtered through the past two weeks. The one that rally galls me is this one (though I highly encourage you to check the full list):

Cal blocking Baylor out of Cal's religious intolerance (smearing a university with something it never did, just for UT to distance itself from never existent Baylor support, as soon as Nebraska was leaving and the Pac 16 might be happening)

Why, at this point, Texas is going out of it's way to smear or pin blame on schools that actually went along with it's unfair revenue agreement is beyond me. But it's something the Longhorns need to be taken to task for. You won this round, Texas, but this type of stuff will come back to bite you.

Nebraska to the Big 10: A Wolverine's Perspective | Husker Hype: A Nebraska Cornhuskers Blog and Experience - To welcome our new Big Ten brethren to the conference, a did a little Q&A with the nebraska huskers site Husker Hype. We'll have a couple questions to them shortly, but you can check out my responses over at Husker Hype.

Michigan Football

Braylon Edwards' Charity Basketball Game This Saturday - Braylonfest Basketball Tournament is scheduled for Saturday at 8pm at Crisler. Among the scheduled participants: Edwards' Jets teammates, Mark Sanchez, Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes; and other NFL players including former Wolverines Mike Hart Ryan Mundy, LaMaar Woodley and Steve Breaston. R-Rod at SMSB: Dorsey, Injuries, more - Rodriguez and the rest of the Michigan coaching staff were at the Sound Mind, Sound Body camp yesterday. Rodriguez answered a couple of questions about the Demar Dorsey situtation. Also, it doesn't look like Will Heininger's injuries are going to heal quickly enough to allow him to play this fall.

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U-M's Braylon Edwards: It's a 'make or break year' for Rich Rodriguez - We love Braylon. Really, we do. He donates millions to charity. He's involved in his community. He's always finding a way to give back. But dude, this really has to stop:

'He's past the hot seat, and he has to make it work,' said the former Wolverines receiver, now with the New York Jets. 'If he can't -- me being one of the alumni guys -- I want someone that can make it work.'

I'm sorry, have you even talked to rodriguez since the whole #1 jersey blow up over nothing? I'm willing to bet your Kimbo Slice beard you haven't. Just because you say this doesn't make it true.

"Everybody says he didn't have his players when he first got here, that it's going to take him a while to recruit," said Edwards. "(But) this is Michigan. We have some of the best athletes in the country, year in and year out."

Uhhh. No. Braylon, we love you, but you're seven shades of wrong on this. It's been documented at length just how low on talent this team was. Even if you don't like to read, it's pretty easy to notice that Michigan returned just TWO starters on offense in Rodriguez first year. Come on, B, you're a star, you're an alum, we need and expect more of you than what you're giving MICHIGAN'S coach right now.

2010 Recruiting: Josh Furman | mgoblog - Usually I pass on linking these, but Furman seems like a total physical freak and this is a really tantalizing write up.

Michigan Player Ratings in NCAA Football 11: The Offense, and Michigan Player Ratings in NCAA Football 11: The Defense - Courtesy of Ace over at the Wolverine blog. Just so you know, Craig Roh is can fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes. The offense is meh.

On the Flip Side, Ty Law Shows Rodriguez Some Love - UMGoBlog.COM has the details on Ty Law backing Rodriguez. I love the guy, but man, we need a few more guys that played for Carr to back the guy.

College Football Conference Expansion - The week's winners and losers - Michael Spath over at the Wolverine breaks down the winners and losers from the past week. I've gotta tell you, losing two teams and being on the brink of death doesn't make the Big XII a winner. Prolonging the agony isn't a win, it's just pushing off a loss.

The Future of Expansion - Why The Big Ten Has The Upper Hand - If and when the era of the superconference materializes, the Rivalry, Esq. seems to think we Yankees have the upper hand.

In realignment, everybody's a winner; except the WAC - Your moment of relevance is officially over. It's been fun.


Michigan Basketball

Q&A: 2012 Guard RJ Hunter - UM Hoops sits down with potential 2012 Guard RJ Hunter, a big time shooter who is stawrting to garner some high major interest. One of the big things from the interview was Hunter's description of John Beilein.

What do you think [of Michigan]? I’ve always been a Beilein fan when he was at West Virginia. He’s really cool, he’s really down to earth–you can talk to him about anything. He comes up to you and speaks, he’s not like one of those coaches you just throw on the phone and just talk to him. He really wants to talk, he really wants to know what you’re doing. I really like Coach Beilein.


College Football

Mark Herzlich: Boston College LB is a Senior to Watch - Go get 'em Mark! Your buddies at Maize n Brew are pulling for you.

The Pete Carroll legacy at USC: sanctions or championships? - Cheating and sanctions mostly.