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Citi Drops Rose Bowl Sponsorship, Clears Way for Ro*Tel Control College Sports as We Know It

Another day, another major BCS sponsor declining the opportunity to lace the NCAA's pockets with cash. In between forcing people they never should've given loans to into foreclosure and squandering investors' money, Citi found time on Monday to announce that it will no longer sponsor the Rose Bowl. Citi cited the numerous restrictions for advertising placed upon it by ESPN, whose control of the broadcasting rights allows them to dictate when and where Citi would be able spend its money as the Rose Bowl's lead sponsor. Apparently Musberger was down with tatooing "Citi" across his forehead, but Herbie wasn't.

In between laughing and using Citi's devalued stock as toilet paper, ESPN let slip that they were negotiating with AT&T to resume its sponsorship of the Rose Bowl after an 11 year hiatus. While we would love nothing more than the aged AT&T Death Star looming over the logo of the Granddaddy of them All, it might be a little discomforting for the young ones.


But fear not humble fans of queso dip and roasted chilis, I have it dreamed up in my fevered brain on good authority that Ro*Tel should be will be the next sponsor of the Rose Bowl. Think of the marketing opportunities. The Charlie Daniels Band stage diving into a gigantic bowl of molten queso dip. It's genius. It's a halftime show people would actually watch! I can't wait for the commercials. I can't wait for the posters. 


 This must happen.