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Thursday Happy Hour Invites Ndamukong Suh to Tailgate, Believes the Hype, Looks at Nebraska's Big XII Penalty Fee, and Look back at SEC Expansion

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Sorry we're running a little late today, real life interfered. Here's What's ON TAP:

Stuff You Should Read Right Now

College Football Rankings: No. 68 Michigan -  The Orlando Sentinel's College Gridiron 365 Blog briefly previews the Wolverines for the 2010 season. It's pretty much dead on. If I have a complaint, there's too much about Rodriguez' future, not enough about the rest of the team.

Outlook: Rodriguez is firmly planted on the hot seat after two disappointing seasons in Ann Arbor with no bowl trips. The offense should be better, but the defense is the key to whether the Wolverines can finally make it back to a bowl game. Even that might not be enough for Rodriguez to keep his job.

They're not wrong, but I would've liked a little more discussion about the returning defensive line. I mean three of four starters on a good front four is worth noting. I realize Brandon Graham is gone to the pros, but there are still some good players there. Also, noting the change in Linebacking coaching might have been nice. When is the hype too much? - Mike Spath hits one out of the park on judging young players without much to go on other than our hopes. A must read for any Michigan fan hoping for a savior in Cam Gordon or Denard Robinson. Frankly, this is a must read for EVERY college football fan.

Suh: Nebraska's Big Ten move 'bittersweet' - The ESPN Big XII "blog" sat down with former Husker and current Detroit Lion Ndamukong Suh at the College World Series, the relevant portion follows:

ESPN: You've got Michigan and Michigan State pretty close; are you going to be able to make it to games during the season?

Suh: Yeah, definitely if I get a chance to. I'm not sure exactly how our schedule works on Saturdays, but I'm sure we're busy. So, Detroit comes first. But if I can squeeze away to the Big House to see my Big Red play, I'd definitely love to.

Ndamukong, let me be the first to invite you to tailgate with your new Michigan friends. Come, eat our food, drink our booze and make off with everyone else's women. You are welcome in Ann Arbor whenever you so choose, and we throw one hell of a party for a Game in the Big House.

Penn State's Spanier: Seat increase ‘overdue’ - Penn State is instituting a seat licensing program similar to Michigan's. The result is a bunch of people who've had seats for generations are going to get screwed. On the plus side you can totally hork their seats. Get to it Michigan fans.

Penn State History: Joining The Big Ten - Our buddies at Black Shoe Diaries go into a detailed history of how Penn State joined the Big Ten and the animosity they experienced. And continue to experience. 


Maize n Brew.

Big Ten, SEC, ACC, and Pac 10 Expansion

Barfknecht: A positive effect for the Huskers - More money and no more Texas. Nebraksa IZ TEH WINNAR!

CU football should get $14.5 million a year from TV for starters - Money. Lots of it. Even with all the talk about exit penalties and fees, Colorado and Nebraska are going to make out like bandits when this is all said and done. The Big XII new revenue agreement looks good, but until there's money to fund it I'm not buying that all of a sudden a ten team league without a cable network or a Championship game will somehow surpass the SEC and Big Ten in television and advertising.

More after the jump...........


Iowa Football: Hawkeyes excited for Huskers to join Big Ten - Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz discussed the addition of Nebraska to the Big Ten Conference, and talked about why he should have known the move was coming. Apparently he was sleeping.

Oklahoma, Texas A&M got offers to join SEC - SEC Commissioner Boren said the SEC extended offers only to Oklahoma and Texas A&M, both of which opted to stay in a slimmed-down Big 12 after Colorado left for the Pac-10 and Nebraska left for the Big Ten. Because the SEC offer didn’t include two of the Sooners’ key rivals, Oklahoma State and Texas, Boren said he didn’t consider it a good option. Short way of saying it, they didn't want Texas or its baggage (i.e., revenue demands).

First downs and second guesses - An interesting look at the exit fees coming Nebraska and Colorado's way.

Made to be Broken - Will Nebraska Pay Big for Leaving the Big 12? - In the absence of a better defense to contract formation (fraud), it appears that Nebraska's best bet is to attack the liquidated damages provision on penalty grounds. The Rivalry, Esq. just finished their bar review and is droppin' legal knowledge on your ass. This sums up my opinion on the whole thing: it's unenforceable and will eventually be settled after months of paying lawyers far more than they're worth to yell at one another over the phone and act important. TRE agrees:

Obviously, both institutions would settle the matter well before it got to trial.

Michigan Football

Sam McGuffie: Rice RB is a player who benefited from a transfer - Benefits include: Closeness to home, weaker competition, no Ohio State in conference, not being concussed. In all seriousness, we wish Sam well at Rice and hope he has an incredibly successful year and career.

Some guesswork at Michigan's top 70 targets for 2011 - UMGOBLOG dot com does their homework on Michigan's top choices for the coming recruiting class. Excellent work.

M Den owner Dave Hirth pleased with new contract with Michigan athletic department -
Yay. 1000 times, yay!

Competitive Delonte Hollowell looking forward to being part of the Michigan football program - Great little article on incoming 2011 corner recruit Delonte Hollowell. According to Dave Birkett of AnnArbordotcom, speaking at the Sound Mind & Sound Body camp, Coach Rodriguez told a story about viewing two unnamed recruits.

"I said, 'I want to take him,'" Rodriguez said. "The coaches said, 'Why do you want him?' I said, 'I was at the Sound Mind, Sound Body camp and I watched the one-on-ones and that guy was trying to get in the front of the line and that guy was trying to hide in the back.' I want the guy that wants to take every rep against every guy, who’s not afraid to compete.

That's why I love rodriguez, he finds kids that want to win.

College Football

Just how lifelike is Florida prepared to make this Tebow statue? - They're actually making a statue of Tim tebow at florida. My only question is this: Will he be on a cross?

Citrus Bowl to get artificial turf from … AstroTurf - No. Not that Astro Turf. Sort of. Apparently the company that gve us the green carpetted knee menace has reformed and is pumping out a surface to directly compete with Field Turf. Sadly, they're doing this after last year's Citrus Bowl (mud bowl, really). I'm sorry, but why. That was one of the most entertaining games I've seen in years. The mud only enhanced the experience.

College Football 2010 Rankings: No. 69 Michigan St. - Man does this sum it up:

At this point, there are too many questions about the offensive and defensive lines and the secondary to rank the Spartans much higher than 69.

The Wiz of Odds: A Call for Poster Schedules - For some reason Penn State is using the "ALL IN" (wooooo!) poster that Michigan used two years ago. Way to curse yourself boys.

Headlinin': Ohio State disallows vuvuzelas, to the detriment of all - Vuvuzelas: No. Pooing in Coolers? Yes.

On-field matters - Interesting piece on how screwed college players get by the NCAA in terms of revenues. Nothing new or earth shattering, but worth a glance.

Michigan Hockey

2010 Final Draft Ranking 1 - 30 - Incoming Defenseman John Merrill checks in at 22.

Michigan Basketball

Former Wolverine Travis Conlan hired by alma mater - John Beilein has hired former Wolverine Travis Conlan (1995-98) as the administrative assistant for the Wolverines program.

Laval Lucas-Perry's final Michigan season?, Ekpe Udoh, Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims in the draft, where John Beilein stands with Western Michigan coach Steve Hawkins and more Michigan men's basketball info - Despite having two years of eligibility remaining, Michigan guard Laval Lucas-Perry could be facing his final season with the Wolverines.

Laval Lucas-Perry only has one season left - Laval Lucas-Perry has two years of eligibility remaining with the Michigan men's basketball team, but according to the Flint Journal, he could be facing his final season with the Wolverines. D'oh.

Thoughts on the NBA Draft - Dylan looks at Michigan's duo in the NBA draft. Good luck guys.