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Tuesday Happy Hour Is Getting Real in Florida, Talks CTE, Welcomes New Michigan Football Recruits, and Laughs at the Big XII

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Stuff You Should Read Right Now

Gators' Tuesdays stop being polite, start getting real - As much as i love making fun of Urban Meyer and some of his cut throat, win-at-any-cost tactics, I think he deserves a lot of praise for his new program designed to help football players adapt to life after football. Meyer:

"Nowadays, a college degree won't even guarantee you a job. So now we’ve taken it to the next level and we call the ‘Real Life Tuesdays’. We’re teaching them how to interview, we’re teaching them the whole process of life after football, and it’s not just get your degree, get your degree, because that’s not going to guarantee you a job."

Sadly, Meyer's right. And the fact that he's recognized this and is doing something about it deserves some praise.

Chris Henry Had CTE Before Death, And Why That Matters So Much -
Chris Henry, the Cincinnati Bengals receiver who died of head injuries in a truck accident last December, is revealed to have suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy before his accident. According to BHGP, Here's why that matters.

With CTE, The N Does Not Equal One - Chris Henry's early onset of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) may not have been an isolated incident after all. In fact, a vast majority of deceased football players show strong evidence of CTE, according to BHGPs.

Penn State Recruiting: At Some Point, The Sky Begins To Fall - RUTS starts thinkin' and sayin' what everyone in Blue and White has been fearing for a long time. At a certain point, maybe this year maybe next, Joe Pa ain't goin' to be able to keep coaching. As a result, Penn State's recruiting will suffer. In fact, it's starting to suffer now.

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Michigan Football

Michigan football team adds quarterback, offensive lineman to 2011 class - Ann Arbor dot com has a short wrap up on two new additions to Michigan's 2011 recruiting class, QB Kevin Sousa and OL Jack Miller.

Hello: Jack Miller | mgoblog - Mgocreepervan wrap up of Miller's recruitment.

Hello: Kevin Sousa | mgoblog - Mgocreepervan wrap up of Sousa's recruitment.

Inside the Big House (Stadium Pics) - The athletic department swung open the Michigan Stadium gates today for premium seating tours and MVictors has some photos of the field and the new Premium Concourse.

Top uncommitted in-state prospects narrowing their focus - A quick check in on the top remaining uncommitted prospects in Michigan reveals several with Michigan leans. Sorry for the Freep link, but the info warranted it.

Where does Michigan's 2010 class rank now? - Way back on Feb. 3, Michigan signed the Big Ten's largest recruiting class and one of its best. With three kids not making the grade, where does the class rank now?

Big Ten Football

ESPN's Big Ten Blog says a Big Ten title game not a guarantee - My response? Yes. Yes it is.

ESPN's Big Ten Blog does a little video on the Big Ten's defensive tackles - According to Rittenberg, the defensive tackle spot in the Big Ten is kind of a mystery entering the 2010 season. I disagree. There are some prime DT's entering this year that will make a difference across several BT programs. Minus points for putting Mike Martin so low on your list Adam. I've got him as an All-Big Ten performer this year.

The Revolving Door: Michigan - Big Ten Blog - ESPN -Tenth in a series examining key players departing, staying and arriving at Big Ten schools in 2010, and it's on Michigan. States the obvious.

College Football Conference Expansion/Implosion

Tommy Tuberville says what everyone was thinking about the Big 12 - Ahhh... a requim for the Big XII. Tommy, play us out:

"You’ve got some teams that get a little bit more money, have a little more stroke than other teams. And when that happens, you’re going to have teams looking for better avenues to leave and reasons to leave. And so we have a 10-team league now, but I just don’t know how long that’s going to last, to be honest with you."

Tuberville: Big 12's days numbered by dysfunction - As always, Dr. Saturday FTW:

If Beebe can't deliver that money, or someone comes along in a few years with a solid promise of more, even people within the conference don't think the uneasy union will hold.

Readjusting 2011 Big Ten football schedule won’t create many problems -  Another look at realigning the Big Ten. Worth a read.

College Football

Assessing Toledo: Fizzling Rockets line up for relaunch - Ready for launch or not, Toledo's mascot is just creepy.

THE CURIOUS INDEX, 6/30/2010 - Don't click here. But if you do, it's linked for the photo.