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Monday Happy Hour Sends Its Prayers to Michigan Tight End Jon Bills for a Speedy Recovery

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Michigan Tight End Jon Bills Injured in Car Crash, Scheduled for Surgery

 - Redshirt Junior Tight End Jon Bills (at right) was involved in a car accident on rain-slicked roads Friday near Alpena, MI this past Friday. Bills was traveling with his cousins Mark and Kirk Moundros when the accident occurred. While the Moundros brothers escaped injury, Bills was not so lucky. According to Mgoblog, Bills' surgery will be to repair a damaged vertebra. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jon and his family. Fight through it Jon. We'll see you on the field again soon.

Mark Herzlich: Boston College Eagles linebacker continuing cancer recovery - A while back we posted a short article on Boston College's Mark Herzlich and his battle with cancer. After returning from surgery, months of treatment and therapy, Herzlich is battling back from Ewing's Sarcoma and is continuing to take positive steps toward returning to the football field. When he was diagnosed with this rare form of bone cancer Herzlich's prognosis for a healthy life was bleak, let alone his chances of returning to the practice field.

Herzlich is actually back on the field practicing with his Boston College teammates, and says his leg is about 80-85% "back". While he's still out of the full boredrills, Herzlich is participating in 7 on 7 games. He's an amazing story and one that doesn't get told enough. Good luck Mark, we're all pulling and praying for you.

Nebraska decision a key as expansion big dog Texas mulls options - The more this expansion nonsense continues to drag out, the more complicated it becomes. Texas wants Nebraska to declare whether it's staying with or leaving the Big 12, so that it can better prepare itself. The reasons are purely selfish. It's in Texas best interest to stay in the Big XII, where the rules are loose and the Longhorns can successfully launch their own cable network. If the Huskers bolt, all of a sudden the league is on the brink of collapse (because you know Missouri's gone as is Colorado), and Texas has to fight its own legislature to get the best deal for itself. Hard to believe it, but Nebraska has turned into the key to the expansion debate.

Big Ten Expansion and Basketball - In a rare look at the basketball implications of expansion on the Big Ten, the Only Colors looks at the basketball implications of expansion and comes away feeling fine.

Conference Realignment Wrap Up - A complete wrap up of all the conference realignment goings-on and where each team stands. The only thing to add is that Baylor actually does seem to have some influence on what happens next. Some.

Big Ten emails confirm Texas at the center of expansion fever - It's no longer just footsie. The Big Ten and Texas have been  talking seriously.

Big Ten, Pac 10, SEC, ESPN, College Football Expansion

Report: Texas legislators push for Baylor's inclusion in potential Pac-10 invite - HAHAHAHAHA. Baylor will ruin everything. Just like they did for the Big XII! 

Andy Katz's Daily Word: Expansion talk hinges on whether Notre Dame Fighting Irish decide to join Big Ten - Katz is dead on: Notre Dame can end all this expansion nonsense tomorrow by joining the Big Ten. This really isn't news. However, what Katz lays out are a number of different things that I didn't know, including this:

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick have a longstanding relationship. Swarbrick was instrumental in bringing Big Ten championship games to Indianapolis while working in Indiana with the sports commission.


Realignment Chronicles: Larry Scott, Kill This Deal - One of Burnt Orange Nation's great posters makes the case NOT to take Texas and Texas A&M if it means taking Baylor too. This is awesome.

Conference expansion: Pac-10 given green light - It's on. Apparently the Pac-10 has given its Commissioner the green light to explore ALL forms of expansion. It could be two teams, it could be six. And yes, it does include the 6 team mega conference expansion.

Pac-10 commish lays out expansion scenarios; Big 12 in focus. - Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott laid out a host of expansion scenarios to athletic directors at the Pac-10's annual meetings. It's pretty impressive.

Report: Nebraska Cornhuskers, Missouri Tigers given deadline by Big 12 - The Big 12 has drawn a line in the sand for Nebraska and Missouri, according to a report.

Nebrasku, Mizzou Given Ultimatum - Or else we'll send you a letter telling you how disappointed we are in you.

Dan Beebe Is In Denial Something Fierce - I'm guessing qualudes. It's the only explanation for the weird things coming out of his mouth.

Michigan Football

Modestly Proposing - 11W decides it wants to be Black Shoe Diaries.

Michigan Basketball

Farewell: Mike Jackson - Assistant Coach Mike Jackson is leaving for Purdue. Not sure if this is a big deal or not, but UM Hoops doesn't seem too concerned.

Former Michigan forward Anthony Wright transferring to Toledo - We'll always have New York.

College Football (Generally)