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Thursday Happy Hour Bids Good Bye to Laval Lucas-Perry

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Stuff You Should Read Right Now: Farewell Laval Lucas Perry

Michigan point guard Laval Lucas-Perry dismissed from basketball program

"These university and team standards have been clearly communicated to the team and Laval on numerous occasions through meetings, conferences and mentorship. Unfortunately, Laval has violated our team standards."

Laval Lucas-Perry kicked off U-M basketball team:

"Unfortunately, Laval has violated our team standards. Therefore, I have decided that he will no longer be a part of our basketball program. Given the fact that Laval is near the completion of his degree, he has been extended the offer to remain on scholarship for the 2010-11 academic year and graduate in May with our 2011 class."

Thoughts on Laval Lucas-Perry’s Dismissal: Dylan breaks down the departure in detail. Though there aren't any details as to why Perry got the boot, his dismissal does seem to confrim the suspected inner turmoil that hampered the basketball team all season.

Many people, myself included, have thrown out the team chemistry meme when discussing last season’s struggles. The issues that have surfaced over the last three months certainly lend credence to those theories. It is painfully clear that no one in the program was on the same page.

Michigan Football

Genuinely Sarcastic: Fighting to Live, Waiting Around to Die - Our boys are back. Always worth your time.

Also outside the walls, those who carved out their own unique legacy during their time inside continue to wage their war, determined to drive this "hillbilly" away, their own xenophobia pouring from their mouths, and their own ignorance too enormous for them to be aware of it. And those who created careers here now turn their swords inward, using their positions and pens to spread exaggerations and mistruths in an effort to drive out a man they aren't even trying to pass judgment on anymore. For them, judgment has come and gone.

Read it. It's worth every second.

College Football

The Seantrel Henderson Sweepstakes - the drama continues for the USC Trojans - If you recruited Sentrel Henderson, you're pretty much guaranteed to have contracted recruiting herpes. He may look good, but you're going to be on valtrex the rest of your life if he beds down at your campus.

Penn State And Syracuse To Renew Their Rivalry - And by rivalry, Penn State means they will resume clubbing a baby seal into a pulp for the sake of a Meadowlands pay day. Penn State to play Syracuse in 2013, 2020, and 2021.

UGA ATHLETIC DIRECTOR DAMON EVANS ARRESTED FOR DUI. HOLY MUGSHOT. - Dammit. Evans was one of the guys pushing for a Michigan Georgia match up. This sucks.

Former Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli could be headed to SEC - The former Oregon Ducks quarterback has visited the campus of Louisiana Tech and is planning on making a visit to Mississippi State, this according to a TV report by KNOE-TV in Monroe, Louisiana.

Michigan Basketball

Recruiting Bullets | UM - Dylan wraps up the status of Michigan's round ball recruiting. Apparently we've got an extra scholarship to play with.