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Vanderbilt Head Coach Bobby Johnson Retires, Let the Mike Leach to Vanderbilt Rumors Commence!

Thank you, College Football Gods, for this. You have somehow spruced up an otherwise boring ass Wednesday in the middle of July and given us College Football to discuss. And not just any kind of College Football discussion, a discussion that can somehow be re-routed to focus almost exclusively on the employment of The Dread Pirate Mike Leach. Thank you, College Football Gods, you are wise and just.

While we rejoice in the return of Leach's name from the obscurity of the off-season, his potential to return to the college football ranks comes with the final act of one of College Football's true gentlemen and a fine head coach in his own right, Steve Martin Bobby Johnson. Johnson came to Vanderbilt eight years ago after winning a national championship in what is now called the Football Championship Subdivision of the NCAA. Johnson announced at his press conference that it was simply time to retire. Johnson went 29-66 in eight seasons at Vanderbilt, but point me towards anyone who could've done better. I thought so.

Johnson's retirement was short, sweet, and for all the right reasons. Any man who says this has my respect:

"I've got another person in my house who means a lot to me."

Fare thee well Coach.

Now how long until we can get Vanderbilt Vice Chancellor David Williams on a plane to East Dillion, TX? Plunder!