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Thursday Happy Hour Stands in Awe of the Majestic Beauty of the Big House, and Covers Some Other College Football Stuff

Maize n Brew gives you your daily (or semi-daily) rundown of all the Michigan Football, Michigan Basketball, College Football, and College Basketball news you need to get through the tedium of your boring desk job. For good measure we'll throw in a little irreverent information, comedy and commentary to help you salt away the time until the clock strikes 5pm.  We're on a Facebook and Twitter drive, so be our friend or follow us! If you don't know what that means, you're old. If you want Maize n Brew in 140 characters or less, follow us on Twitter! Or you can friend us on Facebook and become a fan of Maize n Brew on Facebook for more links. Here's what's ON TAP:

Stuff You Should Read Right Now - Your Big House Openning Wrap Up

Big House Again! Michigan Stadium Capacity Announced at 109,901 - University of Michigan Official Athletic Site
When the University of Michigan football season opens on Sept. 4 against Connecticut, Michigan Stadium will once again reclaim the title of the largest stadium in the United States for college and/or professional football. The seating capacity will be 109,901 for 2010 when the historic home of Wolverine football will have the bulk of the renovations completed. - Notebook: Big House once again - With renovations complete, Michigan Stadium is the nation's Big House once again. Capacity will be 109,901 for the opener with UConn, the University announced today, making it the largest football stadium in the United States.

Maize and Blue Nation: Michigan Football Blog: Lloyd Carr Retires from University of Michigan - Nice write up on the Changes by Brad.

Big Day For The Big House - Tim from MGoBlog takes us inside the New and Improved Big House.

Finally, Michigan Stadium can accommodate the entire population of the U.S. Virgin Islands - The combined populations of the largest cities in West Virginia (Charleston, 53,421) and Wyoming (Cheyenne, 55,362) couldn't quite fill it.

U-M stadium is the biggest again, now seats 109,901 - Video included. 

Michigan Football

Exit Brad Labadie - Brad Labadie, football director of operations and person frequently talked to, but not heard from, in the sanctions document dump, has resigned.

1997 eBay Loeffler Ring update - Ahh, the 1997 ring saga continues.   Apparently the ring was Scot Loeffler's ring, and it was stolen out of a hotel room a couple of years back. After people complained, the auction for ‘97 Loeffler Ring was pulled from eBay. Sounds like the cops are getting involved too.

More after the jump.........

Dave Brandon will enjoy Canham-like latitude in new era at U-M - Henning on the man in charge, and how Brandon's rise in some way officially breaks the administrative chain to the Don Canham-Bo Schembechler era. I think that's a stretch. Brandon PLAYED FOR BO.

Summer Spoilers - This Year's Five Biggest Big Ten Upsets - The Rivalry, Esq. - I don't mean to point out the obvious, but if you're picking Michigan to lose twice in this piece, it's hard to call it an upset. The only "upset" on this is Wisconsin over Ohio State. everything else is a toss up game.

Michigan gets high marks from athletic lineman Jordan Walsh - It's not often that an interior line prospect steals the recruiting spotlight, but it's been common for Glen Elyn (Ill.) Glenbard West offensive lineman Jordan Walsh. Sam Walsh breaks down the Michigan recruitment of the highly sought after lineman.

Big Ten Football

Purdue names Marve No. 1 QB - College Football - Robert Marveviews football a bit differently after being a spectator for a year. Marve transferred to Purdue from Miami in May 2009, then sat out last season because of transfer rules. Purdue coach Danny Hope announced Tuesday that the junior will enter practice as the Boilermakers' No. 1 quarterback and is the expected starter for the Sept.

College Football

Miami-Temple discussing neutral site game at Yankee Stadium - Really? I mean... you're kidding right?

Tommy Tuberville scares the Big 12 - Team Speed Kills - "I think Tuberville and his staff are a little scary," one Big 12 assistant coach said. "They are really doing a great job in the state of Texas. He has brought that SEC mentality of grinding and grinding when it comes to recruiting. They are a lot tougher than I thought they would be and it's certainly different then [former coach Mike] Leach and his staff."

Who'd a thunk a staff with a work ethic could be so scary?

The Legacy and Legend of Bobby Johnson - Team Speed Kills - Bobby Johnson has to be graded on a curve, but by any measure, he turns out pretty good.

Michigan Basketball

Scouting: Great Lakes Summer Championship - Dylan wraps up the GLC roundball championship and all the Michigan targets therein.