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On Tap: Your Friday Drinking Instructions Are Falling Apart

Greetings, drinkers!  With Dave "on vacation in Alaska" (lawyer speak for: defending oil/gas companies), it has fallen upon us to provide you with some sort of content.  However, as fate would have it, our humble abode is falling apart at the seams.  They may not "build 'em like they used to" but even Chicago bungalows built in the 20's are prone to wear and tear.  On the docket for the next two days, a Rich Rodriguez-esque rebuilding job that includes: replacing a toilet, replacing the soffit around the roof, fixing a displaced drainpipe, replacing a faucet and re-mortaring a brick wall (which in turn requires replacing some carpet in the basement due to seepage)...hooray for homeownership! As a result YFDI is keeping it short and sweet this week because we need to get down to important repairs (beginning with plumbing) that will most likely end in this fashion:


In honor of the absolute horrorshow that is the McCann't houseold we present a 2nd consecutive selection from Chicago's Goose Island Brewery, Demolition:                                                                                                                                        Demolition_medium

Named for the intrepid Goose Island patrons who braved the epic remodel said brewpub's original location underwent some time ago, this Belgian-inspired golden ale is crisp, aromatic and packs a Hell of a kick.  A bomber (22 fl. oz. for the layperson) of this bad boy should help take off the edge after a long day/week of work or home improvement.  Lord knows we're going to need it...Go forth and drink and, honestly, don't even worry about hydrating, just get drunk.