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Everybody Take a Deep Breath

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Now exhale.

Alright. As much as I'd like to overreact to the departure of J.T. Turner, or start heavy breathing because Rich Rodriguez and the rest of the Michigan Athletic Department will be going before the Committee on Infractions this Saturday, I really can't. You see, neither are that big a deal to me. Despite all the cries of "the sky is falling!!1!!!!" the Earth continues to rotate around the Sun and the tides continue their daily dance with the continents.

What is important is that College Football, Michigan Football, and sanity are less than a month away. This off-season has been trying, but it hasn't been nearly the complete and utter disaster of 2008 or 2009. We've had one transfer this offseason. While this off season represented the response to the allegations of practice violations, it wasn't nearly the disaster of the practicegate IDE going off on Rodriguez' convoy before the 2009 season. All things considered, it's been downright balmy this summer.

So when I see everyone acting the earth beneath them is about to collapse into the fiery pits of hell because a third string (and by some reports fourth) cornerback/safety/man without a real position has decided to transfer, it gives me pause. Even with Turner in the fold, Michigan's season at Cornerback and safety was going to be in the hands of sophomores and incoming freshmen. This isn't a surprise to anyone who has followed the team.

But now that Turner has left, people whom I respect are actually asking whether Coach Rodriguez can "handle" highly rated recruits. Really? Rodriguez and his staff seem to have "appeased" Brandon Graham, Craig Roh, Anthony LaLota, William Campbell, Tate Forcier, Denard Robinson, etc... All these players have stuck around and all of them were consensus four stars or higher. Attrition is just something that happens in any football team, and the fact that a highly rated recruit that didn't immediately pan out decides to transfer does not negate this.

Now people are wondering what will happen with the West Virginia investigation. How will it affect Rodriguez' tenure at Michigan? Will this get him fired? How do the players look at this? Is there a personal angle that hasn't been covered that totally effects the team even though everyone says it doesn't? Again, we've covered all of this. Rodriguez and the players continue to tell you the only thing they think about is getting ready for the first snap against Connecticut. At a certain point, if you keep getting the same answer to essentially the same question, you probably should take that answer and move on. Maybe, just maybe, there really isn't anything else under the surface.

This is why everyone just needs to settle down. Have a glass of iced tea. Maybe have a beer. Sit in an easy chair and relax.

Fall practice has started. Competitions are beginning or are ongoing. We'll have answers to all the questions you've been asking all off-season soon enough. They're just not going to be available until midway through Saturday, September 4, 2010.

But if you want, go ahead and keep asking yourself questions that you can't answer. As the matter of fact, ask everyone the question you can't answer knowing full well that they don't know the answer either. It'll help you pass the time. But when you've run out of people to ask these questions to, why not take a break. Put your feet up and take a deep breath. Exhale and repeat. Then, once you head is clear, look up.

The sky isn't falling and Football is less than 22 days away.