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Maize Pants Big Ten College Football Podcast, Vol. One: ESPN's Adam Rittenberg Talks Big Ten Football With Us

That's right baby, Big Ten College Football Podcast. Hawkeye State and I decided it was time to start dropping knowledge bombs on you fools like you were Bikini Atoll. In our inaugural podcast, we talk transfers, holdouts, Big Ten Media Days, and start spreading rumors that we make up on the spot.

Then we bring in ESPN.Com's Adam Rittenberg, who is awesome and was single handedly responsible for the Berlin Airlift, to talk some Big Ten Football, coaches on the hot seat, Big Ten POY, and much more. Ritt Rules. So click on the link below and get your knowledge on.

Maize Pants Vol. 1

Now, dear reader/listener/heckler, we need your help. Maize Pants is a name we threw together at the last possible second, and really isn't conducive to the weekly failcast we hope to provide. While Hawkeye State can come up with the J. Leman Chronicles and I can envision each Big XII team as a cheerleader, neither of us could come up with a simple title to this thing. We need your help naming this abomination. So listen to our PC, and leave some suggestions in the comments. We'll list off our favorites during next week's edition.

Oh yeah, and if you've got suggestions for better theme music (which by the way is 30 seconds of catchy awfulness that you will never get out of your head), let us know.