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2010 Michigan Football Preview, Position by Position: Six Question on the Michigan Offensive Line - Part II

Part I (the first three questions) of our 2010 Michigan Offensive Line Preview can be found here: 2010 Michigan Football Preview, Position by Position: Six Question on the Michigan Offensive Line - Part I. So back to the questioning:

4. Coming into this season, what is the Michigan Offensive Line's biggest strength?

Markus: I believe its athleticism at the guard position. The addition of Patrick Omameh could change Michigan's tempo quite a bit both in run blocking, screen plays and even drop back pass blocking assignments. Omameh has good technique and frequently gets to the second level quickly. Stephen Schilling is a now a senior and should have his best year yet for the Maize and Blue.

SCM: Believe it or not, I think I have to say depth.

Beauford: Again, I go back to "time in the system." The fact that these guys have now been in the Rodriguez system for another year will prove invaluable.

Maize n Brew Dave: The interior of the line. Michigan's center and guard combination could be among the best in the conference this season, so I think that's the line's biggest strength. After that, it's a combination of more available talent (Quinton Washington, Michael Schofield, Rocko Khoury, etc...) and a lot more experience in the system. Depth is one thing, but you can be deep in bad players and call that "depth." I think the biggest change there is that there are more good players available to the coaching staff this season, and Michigan fans will finally start to see the impact they make on the Line.

5. Who are you most excited to see play this season on the Line and why?

Markus: I tried, but I can't name just one. I can't wait to see David Molk return from injury. I'm hoping Stephen Schilling has his best season at UM as a senior. I guess the one guy I'd like to see emerge this fall with more playing time is RS sophomore guard Elliott Mealer. He was highly touted coming out of high school.

SCM: Omameh looked great in the spring game, but I'm most excited to see David Molk return to the line for the reasons I stated above, he's the clear leader on the line and despite our added depth, as he goes so goes our fortunes if you ask me.

Beauford: I'm excited to see Omameh, and I'm excited to see Schilling. Omameh because, from Spring reports, he's been really impressive, and may be one of the better interior linemen we've had, and Schilling to see if he can live up to that 5-star hype that surrounded his recruitment.

Maize n Brew Dave: Initially I would've said Omameh, Molk, or Lewan, but after Big Ten Media Days I have to go with Stephen Schilling. There is just something about that kid that I really like. A quiet intensity that is actually tangible and palpable as you sit next to him. Let me put it in simpler terms, he's really, really pissed off. He wants to win this season more than I think he's capable of expressing, and as a result I really pity anyone lining up against him. He may very well kill some poor linebacker when he reaches the second level. I can't wait to see him play.

6. Name your Starting Five:


OT Mark Hugye
OG Patrick Omameh
C David Molk
OG Stephen Schilling
OT Perry Dorrestein or Taylor Lewan


Like the others I get the impression that the interior of the line is pretty well set right now, it's the tackles that will probably be less of a certainty as we head into the season, I would expect us to rotate Lewan and Schofield in to see how they do early on.

LT: Perry Dorrestein
LG: Steve Schilling
C: David Molk
RG: Patrick Omameh
RT: Mark Huyge

Maize n Brew Dave:

I'm going out of order here for a reason, Beauford went all depth chart on us. My line is pretty simple and straight forward, but the lone caveat is that I think Talyor Lewan will replace Dorrestein by the fourth game.

OT Mark Hugye
OG Patrick Omameh
C David Molk
OG Stephen Schilling
OT Perry Dorrestein


I'll do you one better and give you everyone. Starters listed first. Lewan may be up for some discussion. Throughout the spring there were several fawning reports of Lewan's over all Jake Longness, which - even if he's 50% of Jake Long - is likely a better scenario than we've seen since his Dolphintude graduated. The fight at Left Tackle will probably not be completely resolved until we see who trots out there in September. I've penciled in Lewan because his ceiling is higher, and even if he makes some mistakes out there against Uconn and the tomato cans he'll likely be better than Dorrenstein by the time the Big Ten schedule starts.

The interior is pretty set at Schilling, Molk, Omameh. Omameh had a nice Spring from all accounts, and along with Lewan looks to be a future jewel of the line. Schofield has come in for some praise, but probably not enough to unseat Hyuge as your prohibitive starter at right tackle.

Left to right, it looks like this: Lewan, Schilling, Molk, Omameh, Hyuge. That sounds about right.

No. 77 Taylor Lewan 6'8" 290 lbs
No. 79 Perry Dorrenstein 6'7" 305 lbs
No. 70 Bryant Nowicki 6'9" 325 lbs

No. 52 Stephen Schilling 6'5" 303 lbs
No. 56 Ricky Barnum 6'3" 282 lbs
No. 57 Elliot Mealer 6'5" 310 lbs
No. 61 Zac Ciullo 6'1" 266 lbs

No. 50 David Molk 6'2" 270 lbs
No. 63 Rocko Khoury 6'4" 291 lbs
No. 64 Christian Pace 6'2" 259 lbs
No. 67 Adam Barker 6'"3 270 lbs

No. 65 Patrick Omameh 6'4" 293 lbs
No. 76 Quinton Washington 6'4" 307 lbs
No. 74 John Ferrara 6'4" 283 lbs

No. 72 Mark Huyge 6'6" 305 lbs
No. 75 Michael Schofield 6'7" 281 lbs
No. 69 Erik Gunderson 6'8" 295 lbs
No. 66 Christian Brandt 6'6" 300 lbs