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Maize n Brew Needs a New Logo/Banner

As you may or may not have noticed, the Maize n Brew logo is looking a little different these days than it has in the past. "Why? What have you done to it!?" you sobask. Despite its majestic beauty, rivaling only the Sistine Chapel for artistic merit and religious significance, we received a polite request from the University asking that we no longer use the Michigan helmet on a six pack. Because we love our alma mater have no interest in getting sued, we were happy to take down the helmet. However, in professing our love for Michigan by acquiescing to the University's request, we're left in somewhat of a pickle. We need a new logo.

That's why I'm turning to you guys. I need your help. Some of you are photoshop, MS Paint, crayon champions and have more creativity in your mouse button finger than I have with an entire art school behind me. Literally. The Art Institute schools are in the building next door. Dirty hippies. They smmmmeeeeeeelllllllll. So, like I said, I need your help, and so I'm asking for your help creating a new logo for Maize n Brew.

Here are the details:

* All submissions should be in the vector format (it's more versatile), or at a minimum hig res like 100x1010.
* Feel free to change, alter, or completely go away from the current logo. If it's awesome, it's awesome.
* Be creative with your Michigan references, obviously I can't put up a Denard photo or Winged helmet, but there's plenty of fun stuff to work with.
* We can provide you a hi-res version of the current logo if that helps.
* I'll post all the logos received and take your input as to which one is the best.

This won't be the standard whoever get the most votes wins type contest (as this has to go through the SBN higher-ups), but if your submission is selected I'll send you a Charles Woodson bobblehead. Not bad, eh? Com'on. If MGo can get 50 or 60 different submissions, I should at least be able to get three or four. Right? Don't make me regret this.

Email all submissions to MaizenBrewDave At Gmail Dot Com. And email there if you've got any questions too. Thanks in advance guys.