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Big Ten Media Days, Day One, Part One: Pasty White Guys in a Crowded Room Asking Questions About Twitter

I'll say this about Brett Bielema he's got a much better filter than I thought he did. There's a certain "still playing football" about him when he talks. You know he wants to drop an f-bomb, but checks himself. Apparently Bielema has been getting the DL on the shenanigans his players have been getting into through twitter. Also used the word "hazed" when describing how the players who pulled the twitter shenanigans were handled by their peers.

Pfc. William Santiago is dead, and that is a tragedy. But he is dead because he had no code. He is dead because he had no honor, and God was watching.

He also makes an excellent point that Nebraska will open up western recruiting to the Conference. A very entertaining start to the program.