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Big Ten Media Days, Day One, Part Two: Pat Fitzgerald Will Kill You With Facts

Ah Fitzy. Has the chance to make a joke a Bielema's expense. Takes it like he needs a penny at a filling station.

Ahhhh! 3 in a row over the Hawkeyes, suck it BHGP! Love it when the reporters rub salt in the wounds of teams that aren't mine. Fitz dodges it gracefully and claims luck. In private he laughs and sticks another needle in his Kirk Ferentz Voodoo Doll.

This year's scarily prolific Northwestern quarterback is Dan Persa. You've never heard of him. But for some reason he will throw the ball until his arm separates from the socket and run it until his spine is severed by a much bigger man as he is called upon to tun the sweep for the thirtieth time against Wisconsin.

Gotta give Fitz some style-pimp credit. The man is always rokcing the purple tie. I'm convinced he sleeps in it.