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"Marvelous" Marvin Robinson Making A Name For Himself at Michigan Safety

When your upperclassmen depth at a critical position like safety is shallower than a kiddie pool, some good news, any good news about the position is a welcome thing. Recently, our buddy Pete Bigelow at Ann Arbor dot Com conducted a not-so-scientific-but-who-cares-really-? survey of several Michigan players on topics ranging from embarrassing stories to the best player in the Big Ten. Part One of the survey (as linked above) was pretty mundane stuff you'd expect, until Pete started adding quotes. Then, he asked who was the hardest hitter on the team. The answers surprised me.

When your team selects a physical freak of nature like Jonas Mouton as the teams biggest hitter, you're happy to hear that. He's a fifth year senior. He's a big dude. He's rocking the beard. So the whole, Mr. T "Bringin' the pain, Sucka!" thing fits. Fits like a fingerless leather glove you wear with your gold chains, mohawk and black mesh shirt before driving away in your hot rod, black and red van. But the second vote getter on that list, well, that was a surprise. Quothe freshman wide receiver Ricardo Miller:

When he comes to hit, everyone knows it. I think he's cracked his helmet twice this camp, and if that doesn't show you enough that he can, I don't know what could.

The "he" in that wonderful homage to pain is freshman safety Marvin Robinson. As you may recall, Robinson was one of Michigan's haul of highly rated safety recruits this past recruiting season. While there was some speculation early that Robinson would move to the Steve Brown Memorial Career Saving Safety Linebacker Hybrid position, it appears Robinson's emergence at camp has assuaged any fears that the young safety is playing out of position.

During Big Ten Media Days, Troy Woolfolk sung Robinson's praises as a playmaker on defense with great ball skills. Now we get word from camp (and votes from camp) that he's the second biggest hitter on the defense. Buckle up, y'all, Marvin's going to rock your world this fall.