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Did the Big Ten Network Just Tip Its... er... Helmet on the New Big Ten Divisions?


Massive HT to reader Dan TrueBlue for spotting this on the Big Ten Network's main page. Anyone else think this particular alignment looks surprisingly balanced? This limits Penn State's western travel, means Nebraska doesn't have to play in Happy Valley (travel) every year, and seems amazingly well grouped. Right  down to Iowa and Wisconsin and Michigan and Ohio State being opposite each other.

As Beauford points out:

If you "save image as" the default name of that image is:  "Big Ten Helmet Divisions"

A preview of what's to come?  This puts the divisions as:

1: UM, Penn State, Wisconsin, Indiana, MSU, Northwestern

2: Ohio State, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Purdue, Minnesota.

For the record, I think we all like this much better... More to 7PM EDT.  Or was this all an evil plot by Jim Delany to give us utter crap to look at before giving us something slightly less bad? What do you guys think?