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Post-Notre Dame Michigan Injury Report

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Michigan may have gotten out of South Bend with a win on Saturday, but it wasn't without a steep price.

Linebacker Mike Jones suffered a broken leg against Notre Dame. Rodriguez indicated after the game that Jones was likely going to have surgery, so I doubt we'll see Jones again this year. Hopefully a medical redshirt is in order, but I'm honestly unsure whether it's an option.

Brandon Herron suffered a sprained ankle and Rodriguez indicated he's day to day. Sprained ankles suck, so I'm betting Herron sits until the conference season begins.

No word yet on whether Junior Hemingway or Fitzgerald Toussaint will play on Saturday. Again, I can't see either playing until BGSU if they're not 100%. Also no word if Michael Shaw is okay after apparently getting the wind knocked out of him or getting his bell rung on the final drive.

HT on the info to MGoBlog and The Wolverine.