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Michigan Quarterback Denard Robinson Receives National Recognition for the Second Straight Week

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When Denard Robinson says he doesn't read the papers or check his stats, I believe him. Denard just doesn't seem like that kind of kid. Further, if he ever began to act like someone other than the Denard we have come to know this season, I'm fairly certain his offensive line (in particular Stephen Schilling and David Molk), as well as Michigan's senior leadership would crush any burgeoning ego like a bug. Still, as fans, it's fun to see one of your players receive some well earned recognition.

Following Denard's 502 total yard performance against Notre Dame, Robinson was named the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week for the second straight week. Robinson was also named the Walter Camp Football Foundation National Offensive Player of the Week for the second straight week. Finally, Robinson received the Davey O'Brien Quarterback of the Week award. Not a bad haul for a kid who will refuse to read read about it until the season is over. If you want to know why his teammates love him, all you have to do is wach the clip below.