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Maize Pants Big Ten Football Podcast #5: In The Bleachers is In the House Talking Week 2 in the Big Ten

This week we bring in Michael Felder from In The Bleachers to talk a buttload of Big Ten and College football from the past week. Mike brings the knowledge as a former ACC safety on the best defenses in the Big Ten and tells us what the F is going down in the ACC right now. But before we welcome Mike, Pat and I talk a whole bunch of Big Ten football including the development of Terrelle Pryor, Penn State's collapse at Tuscallosa, Minnesota (hahahahaha), and the rest of the slate from last weekend. Then we look ahead to a fun slate of games this weekend like Iowa v. Arizona!

Turn up the volume and join us. BTW, I apologize that my normally sedate voice sounds like I'm yelling into the mike. I'm just pmped for some DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL! Wooooo!

Enjoy. (BTW, iTunes linkage will be on the way!)

Maize Pants Episode 5 - With In The Bleachers as Guest