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Maize n Brew Wishes Mark Dantonio a Speedy Recovery

The man is the head coach at Michigan State University, but all our good natured jibes at the guy aside, we hate to hear that Mark Dantonio had to check in the hospital and undergo a heart catheterization last night.  This news comes mere hours after channeling his inner Les Miles to knock off Notre Dame in one of the most painful ways possible.  A hearty nod and hat tip to you coach, that play will rank up there with our begrudging respect of Joe Tiller's hook and lateral in 2008 as prominent members in the "what a call" hall of fame.  Tremendous win.  But it all pales in comparison to a person's health.  With that in mind, we certainly wish Coach Dantonio and his family the best at this time and hope for a speedy recovery.  Get well soon coach, hope to see you back on the sideline soon.