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Behold, the New Maize n Brew Logo


Look at it. Breathe in its awesomeness. It is the new Maize n Brew Logo.

When I sent out the call for contributions for a new logo I was fortunate to receive some great designs from some very cool people. Unfortunately, we could only use one, and the one that we now have is beyond glorious. The new logo comes to us courtesy of reader Luke Emeott, a Graphic Designer par excellence, Michigan fan, and my new hero.

Luke is somewhat of a mystery. Part superhero, part amazing graphic designer. It is rumored he once designed the entire J. Petermen catalog using nothing more than bark ink and a flesh colored crayon. But rumors are just that. They are unsubstantiated. So I had to dig deeper.

In doing my search, I found the following on the Googles. Luke once ran from the Union to the Museum of Zoology pumas and back in 27 seconds. Blimpy Burger has a special quint-teen they only allow him to eat, and no, it's not on the menu. He is the only non-Buckeye known to have traveled to an Ohio State game as a visitor and not get knifed. He personally ensured that THE GAME stayed where it is. While these "facts" may or may not be true about Luke Emeott, the one thing that is true is that he is an amazingly talented graphic designer.

So, if you're looking for an incredible graphic designer for a project, or know of a position for someone as talented as Luke is, email him at Luke dot Emeott-at-Gmail-dot-Com. Email him now, because he won't be available long. I know I'll be coming back to him from here out for any of Maize n Brew's graphics needs from here out. He's the man. Seriously. Email him.

My thanks to Luke for his incredible work and for giving Maize n Brew the best logo on the interwebz.