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Thursday Happy Hour Wants a Shot at Brutus Too

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Stuff You Must Read Right Now

HT: MZone

Bobcat Attack Not First: Brutus Blitzed in Big House in '83 - Brutus got knocked on his ass back in '83 when OSU came to Ann Arbor. GREAT stuff from the MZone.

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio released from hospital- Michigan State offensive coordinator Don Treadwell says coach Mark Dantonio is doing better and better as he recovers from last weekend's heart attack. Get better coach. Hurry back.

Kicker still a question mark for Michigan football team, plus Wolverines' injury news - Apparently you can walk up to the coach and ask for a try out. And get it. Look, as happy as I am that everyone wants to try out for kicker, can anyone play linebacker? Seriously. We need competition there a lot worse than at kicker.

On the injury front, it looks like Carvin Johnson is still out, Marvin Robinson is close to returning, Fitzgerald Toussaint will play, and Brandon Herron will be back at linebacker.

Just for kicks, several U-M students take shot at making football team - More on the kicking situation from Rodriguez himself.

"We've got the whole gamut of interesting inquiries into that. The guy from the parking lot has not been cleared yet so I don't know if he hasn't gotten his physical yet or if there's an issue with his eligibility. We check all that out so we're not wasting everybody's time. Quite a few have shown up. It's been interesting."

Michigan guard Stephen Schilling is Wolverines' quiet leader - Fluff on the Big Schill. Damn good article too. My compliments to Mike Rothstein on a great, great piece.

With injured Borland out, it's the next man in - This is a very Big Deal for the Michigan Wisconsin game. Star Sophomore Linebacker Chris Borland will miss the remainder of the 2010 season because of recurring problems with his left shoulder. The top three with Borland out will be senior Culmer St. Jean in the middle, senior Blake Sorensen at field (wide side) and sophomore Mike Taylorat boundary (short side). Also expect redshirt freshman Ethan Armstrong and redshirt freshman A.J. Fenton and junior Kevin Claxton to take over the slot now vacant by Borland's injury.

Borland was a star, maybe the star, in the Wisconsin back seven. His loss makes it a lot more likely that Michigan will have some (re: any) success running on the Badgers. While it's not going to slow down Wisconsin's offense, it will make the game closer than the blow out loss I initially predicted.

Just for Fun - From our buddy Adam Jacobs. Please consider visiting his website and purchasing some of the outstanding photographs he takes.

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Michigan Football

For Obvious reasons: Upon Further Review 2010: Offense vs UMass, Upon Further Review 2010: Defense vs UMass | mgoblog

My Favorite Things: UMass - Dreaded Judgement is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Here they pick out three great things from the UMass game, and surprise, they're all on offense.

Michigan vs. UMass Awards - Touch the Banner also doles out a tip of the cap, wag of the finger after the UMass game.

Michigan offensive guard Patrick Omameh determined to put his best foot forward - When all is said an done, I think Omameh has the potential to be one of Michigan's best linemen. Ever. Just the look in his eyes, his athleticism, the natsy streak. There's something special there.

Michigan wide receiver Darryl Stonum earns Wolverines' trust on and off field - Stonum fluff on growing up.

Video: Michigan's defensive woes - Ritt says fixing Michigan's defensive woes starts with better play from the defensive line. I disagree. Michigan's defensive problems are strongly rooted in in horrid linebacker play.

Michigan's defense needs to raise its level - Chengelis states the obvious, because it honestly does need to be said.

From walk-on to most consistent defender, Jordan Kovacs is living his dream - Nice piece on the most consistent tackler on the team. I'll hand it to Rodriguez, he knows how to find talent.

For 3 QBs, path to success ran through Michigan - Quarterbacks, coaches and playbooks. No matter how good they are, they have to fit together to work well. Ralph Russo of the AP takes a real nice, unbiased eye at the Michigan Quarterback conundrum over the last few years and determines that, "you know what?" things worked out alright for everyone.

Minnesota coach on Michigan QB Denard Robinson: 'I'm amazed' - Taken out of context, BTW. Brewster thought someone asked him how he still had a job.

Big Ten Football

Iowa's Hampton Has Torn ACL, Out For Season - Iowa running back Jewel Hamptonsuffered a torn ACL in his left knee in the second half of the No. 18 Hawkeyes' loss at Arizona last Saturday. Hampton will have surgery and miss the rest of the season. Quick, who's thinner? Michigan's secondary or Iowa's Running Back stable?

Iowa football: Hawks are hopeful for Norm’s return - Kirk Ferentz says there's a good chance Norm Parker will be released from the hospital this week and back for the Michigan game. I wish Norm all the best and hope he has a speedy recovery, but Norm, if you feel like, why don't you take another week off.

Dion Sims in trouble - We have an answer on why Dion Sims hasn't been playing for Michigan State. Wayne County prosecutors just revealed that he has allegedly been involved in a computer theft ring.

MSU player, 9 others face charges in DPS theft ring - The Wayne County Prosecutor's office said they will charge 10 people including MSU's Dion Sims, in connection with the theft of more than 100 computers valued at more $158,000. Sims has been booted from the team.

Minnesota recognizes urgency of NIU game - And by Minnesota, we mean Tim Brewster.

Brewster suspends one of top playmakers - Gophers receiver/kick returner Troy Stoudermirewill be out indefinitely for "conduct detrimental to the team." Brewster is sooooooooooooooooo fired.

Purdue using patchwork rushing attack - Purdue has rushed for back-to-back 200-yard games for thefirst time since the first two contests in 2005. Only 16 of those rushing yards came from a guy (Dan Dierking) who actually plays running back, although he's listed as a fullback on the team roster. The others came from two quarterbacks (Rob Henry and Robert Marve), a fullback (Jared Crank) and three receivers -- Antavian Edison, O.J. Ross and Justin Siller-- one of whom, Siller, used to play both quarterback and running back. Wow.

Big Red update: Week 4 - Nebraska may very well own the Big Ten when it enters conference play next year. This team looks really, really good.

Big Ten Hockey

Varsity Hockey at Penn State: Is This Real Life? - Black Shoe Diaries is trying to come to terms with whether PSU is really going to start a hockey program.