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Nick Saban: Michigan Will Play Alabama in 2012 Opener at Cowboys Stadium

It's awn. Michigan and Alabama, two of college football's most storied programs, will open the 2012 season squaring off against one another in Dallas at Cowboys Stadium. Nick Saban decided that despite the fact the whole thing was "probably for sure", it was time to drop the bomb on his listeners on his Thursday Night radio show

"It hasn't been announced yet, but we're going to play Michigan in Dallas probably for sure," Saban said.

You may recall that MGoBlog broke this story back at the start of August. So kudos to Brian for this one. As soon as I can find the audio, I'll post it. For a little historical perspective, Michigan & Alabama have played 3 times:

Michigan won the 1988 Hall of Fame game 28 - 24
Alabama won the 1997 Outback Bowl 17 - 14
Michigan won the 2000 Orange Bowl 35 - 34 in OT (and oh what a game it was....)

We'll get more details up as they become available and, of course, we'll do a little give and take with our buddies over at Roll Bama Roll. Bring your drinking shoes Bama fans, and a tanker full of water to deal with that September Texas sun, because it's so awwwwwwwwn.