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Denard Robinson Knee Injury Probably Not a Big Deal

Update 2:  Looks like we're all good.

Update:  According to ESPN, Robinson was cleared to play the 2nd half if needed.  Clearly, he wasn't.


Denard Robinson left the game in the first quarter with an apparent knee injury, but is likely fine. After receiving the battery of tests for ACL, MCL, Cartidige, the team doctor told the ESPN Sideline reporter that nothing is torn. Denard was up and about, smiling and even putting his helmet on at one point, as if to tell fans that he could go back in.  Rodriguez, however, is not taking chances with the score (at time of writing this) 44-14 in favor of Michigan.

Perhaps better news is that Tate Forcier and Devin Gardner came in, and the offense didn't skip a beat.  Both QB's have led touchdown drives, and Gardner would have had 2 if they hadn't been called back on penalties. 

Expect Michigan to play it pretty close to the vest with Shoelace's status this week, but know that he's probably going to be ok.  You don't walk around the sideline smiling if you've got a serious knee injury.