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Every Snap from the Wolervines' Defense in Michigan's 30-10 Win over UConn

You really can't give enough praise to MGoVideo for putting these clips together. Not only are they a lot of fun to watch, they're really, really informative. It's worth noting that UConn really gashed through on the left side of their offensive line. I'm still rewatching this to figure out whether they were targeting a particular player or whether they were just going to their strongest side of the line. My gut after watching this is they were playing to their own strength, but I reserve the right to correct this.

Also worth noting, there were a lot of missed tackles by Cameron Gordon but he was always in position and if he missed something, he led the back or receiver back into the waiting arms of another defender. Thomas Gordon looked okay at Spur when Carvin Johnson went out. J.T. Floyd and James Rogers looked pretty darn good in limited opportunities. I thought Floyd was one of Michigan's better defenders against UConn, his athleticism is on full display in these clips.

Take a look and give me your thoughts. A more detailed wrap-up of the defense and offense to come. But for now, revel in good showing from our defense.

HT: MGoVideo