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Wednesday Happy Hour Is Running Late, But is Chalked Full of Goodness

Maize n Brew gives you your daily (or semi-daily) rundown of all the Michigan Football, Michigan Basketball, College Football, and College Basketball news you need to get through the tedium of your boring desk job. For good measure we'll throw in a little irreverent information, comedy and commentary to help you salt away the time until the clock strikes 5pm.  We're on a Facebook and Twitter drive, so be our friend or follow us! If you don't know what that means, you're old. If you want Maize n Brew in 140 characters or less, follow us on Twitter! Or you can friend us on Facebook and become a fan of Maize n Brew on Facebook for more links. Here's what's ON TAP:

Stuff You Should Read (See) Right Now

My UConn weekend images - Andy from Spawn of MZone uploaded his photos from this past weekend at Michigan, and the photos are magnificent. These a must view for every Michigan fan.

I Think it was the Fourth of July - MVictors wraps up the new Big House experience and the game. Greg's got a gift for these sort of things. Very enjoyable read.

Robinson leaves no doubt about Michigan's starter - Worst kept secret in football, part II. Robinson will start against Notre Dame.

Injury Updates: Roundtree, Johnson Doubtful; Hemingway Questionable - Ugh. Carvin Johnson's MCL strain isn't surgery inducing but it means he'll probably be out until the Big Ten Season starts at a minimum. Roy Roundtree, on the other hand, just got destroyed on a hit in the UConn game and I'd be surprised if he's back without taking at least two weeks to recover. On the other hand, Junior Hemingway's status seems to be leaning toward him playing. Never doubt his ability to get injured in any circumstance, but I'm hopeful he'll play opposite Stonum on Saturday.

The Legend of Michigan Football Season Tickets - IRWT with some fine dementia for your afternoon.

Michigan Football

A Few Notes of Recruiting Interest - Brice's Recruiting catches you up to date on Michigan's 2011 and 2012 recruiting to date.

The Battle of Michigan: The PSL - The boys at Genuinely Sarcastic finish up their series on recruiting in the State of Michigan and its effect on Michigan and Michigan State. A very interesting read.

Damn Lies: Connecticut - Craig @ HSR dives into the statistics, and gives us all kinds of caveats. "My impressions could be wholly and completely incorrect, my conclusions could be completely wrong, but this is why I am calling this feature "Damn Lies", because well, we're looking at statistics." Good stuff.

Denard Robinson has won over fans, but don't overwork him - Our favorite Twitter Michigan Daily beat writer gives us her take on Robinson's big day and the rest of his season. She's not too far off, on the hopes that Michigan doesn't over work Robinson. One issue I have with all the OMG he's gonna get hit stuff is why does everyone think he's suddenly made of balsa wood? He ran this exact offense in high school at a high level Florida conference. Besides, it's not like pocket passers at Michigan are unbreakable. Does no one remember Chad Henne?

This Is All A Bit Premature - UMTailgate wants to keep everyone grounded before we turn into Notre Dame fans and start declaring the echoes re-awoken after a single game. He might be a little too grounded.

But I am grounded, you see, because the last three games I just mentioned were the only three games we’ve won against the Big Ten since Rich Rodriguez arrived. Try to embrace the euphoria without getting drunk on it. Put simply, the lower you keep your expectations, the happier you are going to be with this team.

MICH-1 Destiny-0 : Truth Has Been Written - Our buddies at Wolverine Liberation Army  have no such problems.

Denard Robinson is Truth. He is universal Truth in a Winged Helmet. He is undeniable proof that if you work hard, stay focused, and stay smiling, you’ll be a success – at least for one day."

Denard Robinson at risk of overexposure in U-M offense - Lynn Henning should retire. His crap to readable ratio looks like Stephen Threet's TD/INT ratio.

Wolverines seem to be on right path - The Wolverines did a lot in their stomping of Connecticut. Now, the goal changes, and grows. Now, they have to show they're not just about one game and one guy. As usual, Wojo nails it.

The Wolverine Blog " The Numbers Game: Notre Dame - Ace breaks down the statistics and rankings for Notre Dame heading into this weekend's clash.

Michigan Notre Dame Preview - Josh over at UMGoBlog breaks down this weekend's game.

Vladimir Emilien granted release, will transfer - "Vlad has decided to transfer, look for other opportunities," head coach Rich Rodriguez confirmed. "He's a good young man. We wish him well." Yeah. This makes sense. I wish Vlad luck, but man, I wish he'd stuck around a little longer before deciding to transfer.

Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez and Notre Dame's Brian Kelly share common bonds - Rothstein puts together a nice piece on Brian Kelly and Rich Rodriguez, and their connection through Cincinnati's current head coach Butch Jones.

Random Stuff

Former Michigan quarterback Steven Threet quietly resurfaces, wins starting job at Arizona State - I'm not dead yet!

UConn Tales From the Big house - The Hartford Courant's UConn Huskies Football Blog chronicles the Huskie faithful's experience at the Big House.