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So This Les Miles to Michigan Story May Actually Have Legs: Miles to Talk With Dave Brandon on Tuesday

Usually, rumors like "Les Miles to Michigan OMG!!!!1!!!!!" are features of internet message boards and random speculation. We heard them three years ago, and even heard Kirk Herbstreit announce that he'd been hired, before those unsubstantiated rumors were proven to be false. This time, however, the rumor actually has some legs.

Les Miles just confirmed at an LSU press conference that he will meet with Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon to "talk." While Miles maintains that the substance and time of this meeting is as yet undetermined (hahahahahahahahaha! Oh god... hahahahahahha... my sides...), he confirmed that he will meet with Michigan's head man. The Detroit News, which first reported this story on Sunday, maintains the meeting will take place this Tuesday in Dallas, where Miles' agent is located.

Personally, I've always been on the fence about Miles. I think he's certifiably insane when the headset is on and he's chewing on field turf. His play calling appears to be based on a magic 8-Ball and his penchant for skirting NCAA rules makes Rodriguez timekeeping screw up on stretching pale in comparison. On the other hand he "gets" what it means to be Michigan's head coach. He understands what these rival games mean; what THE GAME actually stands for and why it's important. Why we must beat Michigan State every year. He understands us. Despite how much I liked and respected Rich Rodriguez, he never got it (as his tearful Josh Groban debacle so thoroughly proved).

Is this a done deal? I don't think so. Miles is making a small mint in Baton Rouge ($3.7 Million a year) and seems to be utterly bulletproof not matter how insane he has proven himself to be. Brandon is going to have to not only cough up a substantial raise, but he's going to have to promise a moon-sized buyout in the event this marriage ends anything like Michigan's last one.

Irrespective, Les Miles and David Brandon are meeting this week and it ain't to talk about how nice the weather is. It's to talk about Miles potential future as Michigan's head football coach. Put that and LSU's AD's boldfaced LIES about whether Michigan had either requested permission to talk with or had contacted Miles, and you've got more than smoke.

You've got a full blown fire.