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Les Miles and What Happened Last Night

While Auburn was busy winning a national title with the best Quarterback money can buy, Michigan was still busy searching for their new coach.  Les Miles and LSU confirmed that a meeting took place between Michigan officials and the LSU coach. 

Shortly thereafter, Dave Brandon returned to Ann Arbor.  Without Les.  A reporter met him at the airport, and got this from Dave Brandon, in jest:

My trip to Hawaii was terrific

He smiled and drove away into the night, leaving only the remembrance of his word.  The reporters stood in the strained lamp light, following his tail lights as they disappeared into the inky black of night.  Ok, not really.  Brandon probably went home, which to me means that he's likely got his guy.  Your AD does not come home from a huge meeting with Candidate A, crack some jokes, then GO HOME while every available coach in the world is in Dallas without having a pretty good idea of what's going to happen.

All signs point to Les Miles.