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Video of All Kinds From The Michigan Brady Hoke Press Conference

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If you watch these videos and don't automatically love Brady Hoke, you probably eat kittens for dessert and enjoy kicking homeless people. I didn't really know enough about Hoke before I made my initial judgments. And for that, I'm sorry. Watching him during this press conference I realized just how much this job means to him and also realized why that is so important in a Michigan Coach. For instance, when asked if Michigan was still an "elite" job Hoke responded thusly:

This is an elite job. This will continue to be an elite job. This is Michigan for Godsakes!

He is not a football coach. He is a FOOTBAW!!! Coach. And dammit he loves this school. Welcome aboard Coach. Can't wait to see what you can do.

Items of note before the videos:

Tate Forcier is not enrolled in class at Michigan and Dave Brandon indicated that Forcier is no longer with the team. There are rumors circulating that he is enrolling in junior/community college with the intention of re-enrolling, but I have nothing to confirm this.

Denard Robinson's status is still up in the air. There are rumors circulating that he is staying, but again there is nothing to confirm this. Take these rumors as rumors and value them FWTW.

*  Dave Brandon is really, really tired. He's also on a really short fuse right now as a result. If you're watching this an judging him... stop. I think a lot of us, myself in particular, were wrong regarding the manner that Brandon carried out this search. The fact that he managed to keep the search as quiet and under the radar as he did is very, very impressive. Today was the first time I had any idea that he'd talked with Pat Fitzgerald. Yeah. That happened. Cut the guy some slack.

On to the video. Special thanks to the Big Ten Network for making their video so readily available. It's a resource I couldn't do without.

The Brandon/Hoke Press conference with Hoke's Q&A

More video after the jump.....

Brandon Talks With the Media Post Announcement

Hoke Interviewed By The BTN

Dave Brandon Interviewed By The Big Ten

Gary Moeller Talks About Hoke's Hire