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Alternative Headlines Announcing Brady Hoke's Hiring at Michigan

Finally, after a long 24 hours of fun fun fun the buzz over Hoke's hiring has somewhat worn off. At least to the point where I can start joking around again. I took a look around the interwebz and found some great headlines and got to thinking there have to be hundreds more. So I took a stab at it, and got a few more than I thought. Enjoy.

Maize n Brew's Proposed Brady Hoke Hiring Headlines

  • Hoke-a-mania! (With Jim Tressel as Rowdy Roddy Piper) - [courtesy one of the papers, though I can't remember which]
  • Hoke Springs Eternal
  • Episode IV: A New Hoke
  • Hoke Up! Hoke Up! And Get Down!
  • High Hokes
  • You Must Be Hoking
  • Hoketacular
  • Hokey Pokey
  • The Book of Hoke
  • Hoke I Met Your Mother
  • Brady's Bunch
  • My Fair Brady
  • Hold the Hoke
  • Finally, Hoke for the Future
  • Hoke (courtesy HSR)
  • Hoke_medium
  • Hoke Floats
  • The Audacity of Hoke
  • Bare Naked Bradies
  • Are You Hoking Kidding Me? (that's for you MGo!)
  • Little Hoke on the Prairie
  • Hoke and Glory
  • Hoke to the Future (Staring Tom Brady as Marty)
  • The Great White Hoke
  • The Hoke Diamond
  • The Brady's Man
  • 118 Men and a Brady
  • Brady Gaga (obv...)
  • Hudson Hoke
  • Bringing Up Brady
  • And the Greatest of these is Hoke
  • The Brady Mac
  • Let Me Clear My Hoke

 Put yours in the comments below. It's time to start chuckling again.